April 5, 2012

Union students weigh in on racial tension

Union students weigh in on racial tension

Throughout March, the nation and world were shocked by what appears to be the slaying of an unarmed black teen in a town near Orlando, Florida. On Feb. 26, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed after an alleged altercation …→

Let the ‘Games’ begin

All of the hype surrounding The Hunger Games, Gary Ross’ film based on Suzanne Collins’ immensely popular book series, intrigued me.  The fact that it has already racked in a stunning $251 million in theaters in just ten days—a profit …→

Vish poses in front of his "Two-term Headache"

Spotlight on the Arts

Put on your 3D glasses, folks! Vishnu Gollakota ’12, Union’s first artist to mix 3D and oil painting, has brought the Arts Atrium Gallery to life with his mesmerizing exhibit. Gollakota’s pieces will be up in the Gallery until Saturday, …→

Join the KONY movement

A non-profit organization Invisible Children’s (IC) mission is to stop the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) violence and support the war-affected communities in East and Central Africa. They do this successfully in three major and interwoven ways. The first is making …→

New CS Robotics Lab

By the time fall term begins, the Wold building will have a brand new addition. After 10 months the Center 2 Space Committee and Dean of Faculty Therese McCarty have approved a new computer science lab to be constructed on …→

Frank Messa '73 met with other members of the President's Council.

President’s Council discusses further college endeavors

By Shayna Han News Editor   On Thursday, March 29 and Friday, March 30, at the Nott Memorial, the Union College President’s Council held their fourth annual meeting to discuss and brainstorm ideas for Union’s future. Frank L. Messa ‘73, …→

Global climate change debate continues

If you did not follow the Concordy’s online edition during finals week and spring break, then you likely missed out on a flurry of coverage about Christopher Monckton’s visit to Union College on March 5. Monckton’s talk, in which he …→

Reamer’s Sushi stand thrives during first week back

On Monday, March 26, the Reamer Campus Center’s new sushi bar made its highly anticipated opening. The stand, adjacent to Dutch Hollow, is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday. It offers both sushi to-go and made-to-order, …→

Global land temperature anomaly over the last 130 years, and an example of the dubious basis for Mr. Monckton’s claim that there has been no warming for much of the past ~15 years.

On global warming, cherry picking and publishing

On March 5, Lord Christopher Monckton came to Union to provide a different perspective on climate change than that held by the vast majority of climate scientists. While his presentation was objectionable on several levels (see below), it did raise …→

KONY 2012: A viral call to action

Uganda, 1987: a small group of guerillas left the village of Odek led by Joseph Rao Kony, who was 26 at the time and believed he was a spirit medium and prophet. Just days later, Kony and a large group of …→