Party views of the supposed ‘war on women’

We hear it on an almost daily basis from political commentators these days. The idea that Republicans are waging a “war on women” coming from the left, and counter-accusations that Democrats have simply invented the idea out of whole cloth …→

Drug debate continues

Last week Nick D’Angelo responded to my article titled “Why is the legalization of drugs still a controversial issue?” with a well-argued piece of his own in which he asserts, among other things, that legalization would not result in reduced …→

Obama’s presidency: the end of racism? 

As most of us know, February is Black History Month, a time when the country reflects on the achievements of African Americans and celebrates their contributions to our society. We often focus on the most famous civil rights leaders from …→

Mexican troops during a gun battle in Michoacán, Since 2006, 37,000 people in Mexico alone have been killed in the seemingly endless battle between cartels for control of the phenomenally lucrative drug trade.

Why is the legalization of drugs still a controversial issue? 

I usually pride myself on my ability to understand the points of view of those with whom I disagree on political, social and even religious issues. For example, I vehemently disagree with the assertion that cutting taxes for the wealthiest …→