Fracking protesters await Obama's arrival at Binghamton University in Upstate New York on August 23. 
Courtesy of Gabriella Levine

What the frack? Unearthing the truth about natural gas

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo still has not budged in his neutral stance to allow natural gas drilling in the Marcellus and Utica Shales of Southern New York. Recently, natural gas has been leading the United States toward energy independence, …→

Students drag in Old Chapel

This past Friday, Union students and professors put on a show in the form of drag. Organized by Student Allies, drag participants walked the catwalk and performed off-gendered comic skits, while others sang and lip-synced to a large audience at …→

Revamping Schenectady

While driving through areas of Schenectady around Union’s campus, it is apparent that there exists structurally deficient houses and apartments in need of significant renovation. This past week, Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy proposed to the city council a $3 million …→

Jeff Wettstein ‘15 pours coffee as the next round of beans are ground by a visitor to the event. The coffee beans ranged from areas such as Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi. The event attracted both coffee enthusiasts and coffee skeptics alike.
Trevor Martin | Concordiensis

Coffee event introduces ‘the perfect cup’

Coffee is a ubiquitous sight on Union’s campus. From the carafes at West and Upper to the Wold Atrium kiosk, each cup of coffee serves a different purpose for the consumer. Some imbibe the black liquid to enliven their early …→

The 23rd annual Steinmetz Symposium will be held Friday, May 10. Pictured above is a dance group’s performance from last year’s event.

Trevor Martin | Concordiensis

Previewing the Steinmetz Symposium

The Steinmetz Research Symposium will be held this Friday for the 23rd year of undergraduate research presentations, creative work and performances. The first Symposium was held in 1991, and featured only 130 students. This year’s symposium has close to 450 …→

The dangers of the cinnamon challenge

This past Monday, an article in the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics reported that the “Cinnamon Challenge,” a seemingly harmless challenge, can actually send participants to the emergency room. The journal was sourced in several media outlets in …→

Courtesy of Union Athletics

Union crew bending oars

This past Sunday, the men’s and women’s crew teams competed at the Liberty League State Championships at Saratoga Lake, poised to compete strongly against Hobart and William Smith, Skidmore, Saint Lawrence and RIT. Given the near-perfect water conditions with only …→

Unemployment: What this means for U

Unemployment: What this means for U

The national unemployment rate has most recently been updated to 7.6 percent. As Paul Freiberger, author of When Can You Start? stated, “Today’s overall 7.6 percent unemployment rate does not provide this year’s college grads with the best start to …→

Oema Ramgharose '15 was warded the Davis Peace Project award and will travel to her home country of Suriname to work on her project.

Courtesy of Matt Milless

Returning to Suriname as Davis winner

This past week, Oema Ramgharose ‘15 was awarded the Kathryn Wasserman Davis Peace Project award. Ramgharose is Union’s third recipient of the award in as many years. Ramgharose will receive $10,000 to support her project, “Building a Stronger Community under …→

U-Matter kicked off this past Saturday as a way to understand Schenectady's healthcare needs.

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U-Matter Schenectady

This past Saturday, U-Matter Schenectady kicked off  its community-wide health campaign to better understand Schenectady’s healthcare needs. Though U-Matter has no affiliation with Union, Ellis Hospital, the main organization spearheading this campaign, has collaborated with over 30 community organizations to …→