Global land temperature anomaly over the last 130 years, and an example of the dubious basis for Mr. Monckton’s claim that there has been no warming for much of the past ~15 years.

On global warming, cherry picking and publishing

On March 5, Lord Christopher Monckton came to Union to provide a different perspective on climate change than that held by the vast majority of climate scientists. While his presentation was objectionable on several levels (see below), it did raise …→

Department Chair and Professor of Geology Donald Rodbell asks Lord Christopher Monckton a question at the event on the "other side" of global warming.

A lord’s opinion can’t compete with scientific truth

As Earth scientists, we were torn. The College Republicans and the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) were hosting Lord Monckton, a globally recognized climate skeptic, on Mon., March 5, and we were not quite sure how to respond. Frankly, …→