TVUC and Dutch Oven collaborate on new project


Union’s student-run satirical newsletter, the “Dutch Oven,” made an official comeback last year, with Logan Fine ’16, Samantha Miller ’19 and Adam Forti ’17 at the helm of the publication. This year however, with Forti graduating, the “Dutch Oven” inducted a new Editor-in-Chief/President, A.J. Hubbard ’18. Now, in an effort to gain more viewership and expand, Hubbard and Miller and Union’s television and media club, TVUC, headed by Kevin Jordan ’17 and Venesha Morris ’19 are collaborating on creating a satirical news segment entitled “Baked News.” Hubbard, Luke Dyer ’18, Jenna Salisbury ’18 and Beejit Sarker ’19 began filming for the project on Friday May 5, 2017 in Schaffer Library’s Digital Production Studio. Shortly following the filming session, Hubbard provided the “Concordiensis” with a quick inside look of what’s to come from this fresh collaboration.

Jenna Salisbury: What is the idea behind ‘Baked News’? Is it a series of comedy/improvisation sketches or will you simply be delivering fake news or is it a bit of both? Where/when do you plan to air this segment?

A.J. Hubbard: The idea behind the show is to offer an outlet for comedy and satire in the collaborative sphere of filmmaking. The show relies on scripted fake headlines, but also includes partially improvised sketches that mock “in the field” reporting. The segment is planned to be released weekly (on Tuesdays) on YouTube and the new TVUC webpage.

JS: What inspired you to create “Baked News” and was this idea largely your brainchild or a collaborative idea?

AH: I tried to come up with an idea that would be fun and relatively cheap to execute for the revived TVUC, as I really want the club to succeed. I also love filmmaking and satire, and thought a weekly satirical program would be a perfect space for collaboration between two clubs I care about. So far I’ve already received a lot of help from collaborators in the Dutch Oven and in TVUC, and we’ve only filmed one episode, so the idea as it stands now is still developing. I’m looking for contributions from anybody that’s interested!

JS: This will be Dutch Oven’s first collaboration with TVUC since you took over as President/Editor-in-Chief. Where do you hope to take this partnership and how do you think this collaborative “Baked News” project will affect both clubs?

AH: The real dream is to unite all the clubs on campus for the creation of an excessively-funded soap opera out of all the squirrel hijinks on campus, so I’m hoping this first show can provide the spark of collaboration. In seriousness, I’m excited for the prospect of a varied set of student comedy programs if this partnership turns out to be productive.

JS: What can we expect to see from “Baked News” and how would you like the project to evolve?

AH: As of now, expect low resolution video quality, strange jokes and plenty of poorly photo-shopped images. I was also this week’s news anchor, so it’d be great to get some actors in there. As the project evolves on from the pilot, I’d love to just get more and more people involved. It’d be great to see students submitting weekly segments on various subjects, and an array of recurring characters to report for us.

The publication’s roots go a long way back to the 1600s as the brainchild of literal Dutchmen, brothers Haans and Jergen VanDenHattenhalter. The brothers began the “Dutch Oven” as a legitimate news source but were inspired to switch over to satirical journalism in the late 1600s to express their displeasure at British imperialism and oppression. After Haans passed in 1795, Jergen VanDenHattenhalter donated the rights of the “Dutch Oven” to Union College in 1796. Since then, the satirical newsletter has had a rather spotty publication history, having long grace periods between class generations. Today, with this new collaborative effort between the TVUC and “Dutch Oven,” viewers and readers alike can look forward to fresh, creative content not seen before, something both clubs’ predecessors can be proud of. For anyone looking to get involved with the “Dutch Oven” or “Baked News,” meetings take place on Monday evenings at 7 p.m. For more information, contact Hubbard, Jordan or Morris.


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