Student band ‘No Wonder’ headlines at the annual WRUCFest


Headlining at this year’s WRUC Fest on Saturday May 27, 2017 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. is student band, “No Wonder,” made up of juniors, Kabir Chabra ’18 on guitar, Nate Sears ’18 on bass, Varun Shah ’18 on drums and A.J. Hubbard ’18 on piano and backup vocals and sophomores, Seraj Sidibe ’19 as the rapper and Nick Meixsell ’19 on trumpet.
We sat down with some of “No Wonder’s” bandmates to discuss their origins, their music and their plans post-graduation.
Jenna Salisbury: Whose idea was it to form this band and why did you decide on calling it “No Wonder?”
Nick Meixsell: No Wonder was a name we jokingly called ourselves, and then never changed it. Like all good band names, really.
Varun Shah: I was added to a group chat with these fools titled “No Wonder” and pushed hard to keep it as a band name.
Seraj Sidibe: We were a group before, called 8th Wonder. But we added a member and decided to change our name to No Wonder – something similar, but different.
Nate Sears: As with most of our originals, we come up with a name jokingly, fail to change it, and then it sticks.Our band name is somewhat similar, referencing our original name “8th Wonder”.
JS: Your Facebook page describes your sound as a “jazz-fusion/hip-hop band.” What are some of your musical influences that inspired this mix of genres? Do you write a lot of your own stuff or are you more of a cover band?
NM: I look to all of the famous pop trumpet players for my inspiration. I personally love [insert obscure name here], and really try to emulate their playing.
VS: My drumming for this genre is mainly inspired by BadBadNotGood – a jazz/hip-hop fusion trio comprising drums, bass and piano.
SS: We write originals and definitely don’t want to ever be just a “cover band,” although we do enjoy covering the music of our favorite artists.
JS: How would you describe your band’s image? Do you like to stay in a specific genre or do you play a little bit of everything?
NM: We basically play whatever we want. We don’t really have a definitive genre, we just do us.
VS: We’ve definitely experimented with some reggae and funk. I don’t know about the rest of the band but I’m definitely going for a “post-graduate unemployed” type of image.
SS: We definitely experiment with different genres: we don’t want to be just hip-hop or just jazz or funk. We like to mix genres as much as possible.
NS: We like to jump around to lots of different genres. We try to not limit ourselves to any specific style, which definitely shows in our originals, bringing together an eclectic mix of ideas.
JS: I know you guys have uploaded some original tunes to Soundcloud. What’s been your favorite song you’ve created? What is your creative process in creating and producing original music?
VS: I really enjoy playing “Panther.” It’ll hopefully be up on SoundCloud soon.
SS: My favorite song is “Moving On.” It’s very personal to me and comes from a deep place.
NS: I think “Moving On” is my favorite. It came together smoothly and was the first original we played as a band, so it feels like our most authentic song.
JS: You guys play at a lot of Union-affiliated events. Where do you see this band going after graduation? Do you plan on continuing producing music and playing gigs?
NM: I see a bright future for me as a solo act, so it depends on how that goes. Seriously though, that’s something we’ll worry about when we get there.
VS: My future in this country sort of depends on President Trump’s mood. I definitely intend to keep playing music no matter which country I end up living in.
SS: Nick and I will definitely struggle when our pals graduate. Hopefully, we can make a strong impact as a group before that happens. I want to be involved in music hopefully as a profession, I really just love being around musically talented people.
NS: Four of our members have a year left until graduation, and currently we’re just trying to play as many gigs as possible and keeping writing originals.


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