Springfest jean jacket

With rainy weather on the horizon for most of the week preceding this year’s Springfest, it came as a relief to many that the concert remained outside versus the alternative venue of the Memorial Fieldhouse. On the Friday evening before Springfest, Student Body President, Audrey Hunt ’17 sent out a campus-wide email informing students that Springfest would be moved to the Richmond House lawn rather than its traditional location on West Beach. This year’s Springfest welcomed a variety of fun-in-the-sun activities, from outside barbeques and fraternity parties to a four hour concert featuring American indie pop/rock bands, The Score and The Wrecks as well as hip hop artist, Big Boi. Opening the concert at 12:30 p.m. was The Score and while they were welcomed with a smaller crowd than their successors, it was a matter of quality more than quantity. Students who attended the concert’s opening act raved at The Score’s awesome indie pop sound. The band’s tunes aligned perfectly with the carefree climate of the event. Playing their signature songs including “Unstoppable” and “Legend,” their setlist was well received by the audience. Judging from the crowd’s reactions, this band may continue the \trend of rising to mainstream fame shortly after their Springfest performance. Other acts to have followed this trend include acoustic crooner, Jason Mraz of Springfest ’03 and blues/rock artist, Elle King of Springfest ’15. Following The Score was The Wrecks. Many students looked forward to hearing their most famous alternative rock single, “Favorite Liar,” and the band did not disappoint as the song served as their closing number. Upon the ending of the band’s performance, The Wrecks left the audience wanting more; the crowd chanted for an encore. After a 15 minute intermission, the crowd swelled as students made their way to hear the concert’s headliner, Big Boi, Known for his collaboration with André 3000 in the hip hop duo, Outkast, Big Boi’s performance largely consisted of funky fresh beats and the MC worked the crowd like a pro, pumping everyone up. Shortly before his closing number, Big Boi announced the release of his upcoming album due to premiere within the next month. In addition to these music acts, Springfest ’17 saw another interesting evolution of fashion trends as many students broke out their best concert attire for the occasion. Last year witnessed a wave of flower crowns and fringe. However, it appeared Hawaiian leis were the new flower crown, and denim has replaced fringe as the new vintage obsession. Girls were decked out in simple crop tops and A-line denim skirts or overalls while others fell into the hype of the topical obsession of DIY-ing their outfits. Many students showcased custom-made outfits they self-tailored from low-cost Walmart graphic tees. The next fashion trend to hit Springfest ’17 was the American flag pattern. From t-shirts to shorts, students rolled in decked out in the patriotic pattern. Other students sported softer looks, including floral print kimonos while many of the guys dawned sports jerseys, bucket hats or floral Hawaiian button-downs. But the fashion statement of the concert was one student who spent the entirety of Springfest parading around the campus in a gorilla suit. Floral rompers and jean jackets also made a comeback, however their were significantly less sundresses at this year’s concert. Many girls seemed to trade in their sundresses for Aztec-patterned harem pants. Body jewelry, 90’s chokers and puka shell necklaces were all the rage and glitter tattoos also made their way onto the Springfest scene. Overall, this year’s concert saw a toned down wave of vintage apparel, with the frontrunner being denim and floral prints. So concludes another successful Springfest. A perfect introduction to the oncoming summer and Union-unique events such as Lobsterfest, Alumni Weekend and Steinmetz Day, the event served as a great de-stresser and preliminary round to a series of closing year festivities and traditions.


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