Ride Sharing Coming to Campus


Ride sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft towards the beginning of the decade, people around campus and the rest of upstate New York will gain access to the luxury of ride sharing in the coming months. The approval of the services comes from a new state budget deal proposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers. The budget proposal by Cuomo is a $153 billion proposal that, along with the new access to ride sharing services in upstate, entails many new changes within the state budget. The new increases are accounted for by significant changes within specifics of public education and the water infrastructure of the state.

The largest change in this system, outside of the addition of ride sharing services, will be the implementation of free college tuition at public universities for students with families making $125,000. This change will be phased in over time, as it will apply to students of families making $100,000 or less until 2019, when that limit will be increased. This change will implicate prospective high schoolers in the state, as well as for New York families in the future, should the change remain in place.

As for ride sharing, students on campus, along with many residents of upstate New York, will see the benefits of the innovative products offered on apps by companies like Uber and Lyft. Discluding New York City, newsroom.uber.com lists the state of New York as having been a part of a minority of just 9 other states that are yet to grant access to the services of ride sharing apps to its citizens.

The approval of access for people in upstate New York and around Schenectady will most likely go into effect 90 days after the budget is approved, or as early as July 8. As for students on campus looking to take advantage of the benefits of these companies, they’ll have to wait until next year, however many are sure to agree that the change was a necessary one.

Outside of Union, the city of Schenectady may gain an increase in business and nightlife due to the new possibilities of transportation. The recent opening of the Rivers Casino just minutes away from downtown will now have improved offerings for guests to discover the downtown of Schenectady and the surrounding area. Regardless of standing on the issue of retaining taxi medallions versus the acceptance of ride sharing apps such, the benefits to consumers such as a Union students will soon be prevalent.


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