Literary magazine ‘The Idol’ due to publish 2017 spring edition


After two years of rebuilding, and great changes to the structure of Union’s literary magazine, The Idol, the publication is up and running again. This past fall The Idol came out with a mini publication, showcasing some of the works that were collected during the two years the club was inactive in terms of publishing anything. The group is currently gearing up for a large publication to be released near the end of the term.

This school year the club received a record number of submissions compared to the prior two, with numbers totaling up 121 art submissions and 57 writing submissions. With so much to work with this year, the students involved with the literary magazine are beyond excited for the publication to come together. With many new changes to both the structure and the executive board of the club, the members ready for more publications and a greater presence on campus.

This year’s efforts were spearheaded by Samantha Miller ‘19 and Andrea Becker ‘18, who came together in the fall with the decision made to publish a mini publication as a first project in bringing The Idol to campus attention.The fall publication, fittingly titled Origins, featured the works Union students submitted to The Idol from the 2015-2016 school year that were sitting in the archives. With Becker ‘18 abroad during the winter, Miller ‘19 took charge of the club successfully bringing together a strong group of students eager to contribute to the group in terms of going through submissions, and talking about what could potentially be in the 2016-2017 school year publication.

Miller herself has been an integral part of the group, taking on the duties of organizing submissions, advertising, and presidential duties, none of which can be considered an easy task. Due to her strong leadership and motivation, the term was incredibly productive paving way for a just as successful spring term. In classic college student fashion, a bulk of the submissions were received right at the deadline.

What the group did not expect was the incredibly large number that came in over the weekend. Having gone through all the submissions received since the deadline, the group is excited to put it all together for publication they intend to have distributed by the end of the term. With the layout team up and ready to go, a motivated group of students, and a love for the literary and visual arts, The Idol team is ready for what the future holds in terms of expansion and campus voice. The art of successfully running a literary magazine is a challenging one especially when rebuilding from almost the bottom up, however with eagerness and the leadership qualities from the executive board combined with students ready to be involved, The Idol has found great success this year, and hopes that it will continue on in years to come.


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