Indie pop band ‘Bastille’ delivers stellar performance



On Friday, March 31, three Union students drove down to Connecticut to see British indie pop band Bastille at Mohegan Sun. Known for being a great live band, the prospect of seeing them live was incredible. Bastille is currently on their “Wild World” tour promoting their new album “Wild World.” The set started off with a bang, featuring “Send Them Off!” an energetic song from their new album that was perfect for kicking off a show. After the first song, lead singer Dan Smith introduced the audience to the new album and detailed how the role of today’s issues such as war, alternative facts and problems in the media inspired their artistic process.

Following the introduction, they played the song “Laura Palmer,” an appropriate second song for keeping up the audience energy. They kept the energy throughout the show playing mostly songs from their new album along with older fan favorites such as “Flaws,” “Things We Lost in the Fire,” “The Draw” and of course “Pompeii.” One fun aspect of the show was how the band used the space in the venue to their advantage.

When they began playing “Flaws,” Smith burst into the audience, microphone in hand, and somehow still carried out the song perfectly despite running around all areas of the venue. When performing “Of the Night,” the band made use of the B-stage in the center of the general standing section. The spotlight was on Smith as he sang and banged a drum, while the rest of the band was on the main stage.

Having him on the B-stage brought more liveliness to the crowd as he encouraged us to dance along to the song with him. Their was a strong dynamic between all the band members as each of their respective roles and performances complemented each other beautifully. It was clear that they worked off of each other’s energy and enthusiasm. The usage of the screens playing different videos and graphics combined with complex and colorful lighting choices added to the mood of the show in a unique manner.

The show was strong across all performances, but there were some songs that truly stood out. The unexpected gem of the show came from Bastille’s performance of “Oblivion” taking into account the fact that it is not necessarily the song any Bastille fan really expects them to play at their shows.

However, the slow dark nature of the song captivated the audience, leaving many people awestruck as was overheard after the show. “The Draw” was another old favorite from Bastille that was also a standout performance. Smith brought a lot of energy to the table during the performance. “Blame,” a hit from their latest album, was a song I found to be a standout due to the strong animated reaction from the crowd that complemented that of the band’s. “Four Walls (The Ballad of Perry Smith)” was another stellar song the band performed during their set due to both the song itself being incredible and an amazing guitar solo from Farquarson at the end of the song. The final unique twist the band had on their show was how they introduced the encore.

As the lights dimmed from the stage and the band disappeared for a little bit it was clear the encore was about to begin. What the audience did not expect was the lights to come back up with a spotlight on the balcony with Smith, Farquarson and the audience by their side as they launched into the song “Two Evils,” a slow, emotional song off their new album. The intimacy between the audience and the band at that point was incredibly pure.

As expected, Bastille ended the show with ultimate fan favorite “Pompeii.” The energy was off the walls with the audience singing along at the top of their lungs, Smith singing his heart out while jumping around the stage like there was no tomorrow and the band clearly in the zone as was visible by the looks of pure passion on their faces. Overall, Bastille put on an incredible show at Mohegan Sun. Their combination of songs from their old and new albums, as well as slow and fast was very well thought out. They kept up the energy and good vibes for the entire show. If anyone at Union is considering seeing Bastille live, it is highly recommended you do so due to how amazing of a show they put on.


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