‘How I Learned to Drive’ due to park in Yulman Theater


Ariella Honig is a senior psychology and theatre major here at Union. She is currently working on her thesis, which is a production of “How I Learned to Drive” by Paula Vogel. Honig has a faculty advisor who has helped her tremendously throughout the process.

When asked if she found it helpful to have a thesis advisor, she stated, “I think it is helpful to have a thesis advisor to have someone to consult on different ideas that I have and also to answer all my questions. I think it has been nice to have guidance throughout this process.” Ariella will be acting in and producing the show. When asked how she chose her thesis, she said “I decided to do a production oriented thesis because I have always wanted to try acting and directing in my own production. I decided on ‘How I Learned to Drive’ because I fell in love with the story after reading it. It is funny but also deals with a very serious topic so I was interested in tackling the challenge of a dark comedy. It took me such a long time to decide on a play to do. I read dozens of plays before deciding to do ‘How I Learned To Drive.’ There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a show. Things like making sure you have enough time and money to do the show and making sure you have the right actors for the show. Looking back I am really happy I chose this show to produce because it is challenging, but I am really pleased with how the show has taken shape.”

I also asked her if this is the hardest she has had to work while here at Union and it seems like it definitely is.

Ariella responded back and said, “This has been one of my hardest feats at Union. I have had to direct, act, gather costumes and props, design sound and much more. It is definitely a challenge, but I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my amazing cast, stage manager, assistant director, thesis advisor, lighting designer and everyone else who has helped me thus far. I am also very grateful to Brittney Belz and Bob Bovard for their assistance with costumes and different technical aspects of the show. Productions take a lot of hard work and several people in order to be successful, and I would not have such a great production if it weren’t for all the help I have received.”

It seems like taking on a thesis is a lot of work, but will certainly pay off. Support Ariella and come watch her show on March 10 and 11 at 7:30 p.m. in Yulman Theatre Studio A. The show is free, but there is limited seating so make sure to get there early!

Ariella closed by saying “I have spent countless hours on this thesis. My cast and I rehearse six to eight hours a week, and now we’re rehearsing a little bit more since the show is getting closer. I also spend a lot of time outside rehearsal gathering props and costumes, designing sound and writing. Also, as an actor, I am spending time outside rehearsal learning lines and doing character development. As a director I am always planning rehearsals and working on all the details of the show. There isn’t a day this term that I haven’t spent doing something related to this.”


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