2017 blockbuster, ‘La La Land,’ falls slightly flat


It’s the movie musical that has people dancing out of the theater. Starring the illustrious Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, “La La Land,” appeared to hit all the right notes with audiences across America, earning six Golden Globe awards, including Best Original Score and Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.

Indeed, upon witnessing the incredible opening number, “Another Day of Sun,” the film’s composer and screenwriter, Justin Hurwitz definitely deserved such stellar recognition.

Playing alongside Hurwitz’s great musical scores is the campy but entertaining love story between struggling actress, Mia (portrayed by Stone), and jazz pianist, Sebastian (portrayed by Gosling). The chemistry between these two starving artists is believable and charming; however Stone’s and Gosling’s musical performances pale in comparison to the film’s ensemble. Aside from the lovers’ mediocre vocals and dance sequences, Stone and Gosling still manage to carry the film’s plot, which wavers its way to an anticlimactic end, apart from a gorgeous closing montage.

In regards to “La La Land’s” character development, Sebastian saw far more growth than Mia, changing from a stubborn jazz enthusiast to fully realized musician.

As for Mia, while her resilience and poise compliments Sebastian’s rough exterior, her realization as a full–fledged actress appears rushed and less–satisfying.

A major highlight of the film was its eye–captivating cinematography, which perfectly embodied a balance of old and new–age Hollywood. Also saving the film from its watery plot are incredible performances delivered by musician John Legend and the film’s ensemble.

Perhaps the most dissatisfying aspect of “La La Land” was its contradictory themes. While the film satirizes Hollywood’s shallowness and insensitivity, it also attempts to relate to audience by making Mia and Sebastian accessibly normal and grounded; and yet the movie’s leads are played by the two most renown actors in the industry.

Moreover, “La La Land,” addresses the harsh realities of show business and failure, only to have both of its protagonists achieve their goals at the expense of their relationship.

All in all, what truly sets “La La Land” apart from its competitors is its amazing scores and cinema graphically beautiful montages; it’s plot and script however, fall flat.



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