Breakout movies and music to make your new year a great one


As the overwhelming year of 2016 comes to a close and those around us boast proudly of their up and coming New Year’s resolutions, many of us sit and wonder about what this new year has in store for us.

And recently, it has dawned on me that there is absolutely NO idea what is coming to us in the future.

But we here at Concordiensis have decided to defy this concept and let you know EXACTLY what will be hot and popular in 2017, so you can shock your friends and feel some control of this year after a rocky 2016.

So while your parents are making weight loss resolutions and your friends pledge to study more, here’s a list of the up-and-coming music and movies that are bound to make your year the best yet.

In music, the following artists managed to make their mark in the industry during the pivotal period of 2017.

LANY – This is my absolute favorite band right now. They are a band that you might have to warm up to and they have a little bit of a retro boy-band feel, but they are radio ready and in a perfect position for some killer Soundcloud remixes that are bound to be a staple in your next roadtrip playlist.

Ed Sheeran – He’s already released his new album and “Shape of You” is already an amazing song that not only has the Ed Sheeran rhythm, but also a little bit of “pop” thrown into it. I’m really convinced this is Ed’s year so turn on those Spotify notifications so you know FIRST when his new music comes up.

The Japanese House – This may only be for some people’s palettes, but this new artist (who was touring with the amazing The 1975) has a super cool, lush electronica feel that is bound to make you feel like running along the beach. My favorite song by her right now is Cool Blue.

Below are the films that have hit it big both on the screen and in the eyes of the viewers.

“Despicable Me 3” – Doesn’t matter how old we are or how mature we are supposed to be, this is a MUST SEE. Minions are the new thing and they are sure to make you laugh, cry and want to watch the movie ALL over again. Expected to come out just after finals for spring term (probably not a coincidence).

“Pitch Perfect 3” – The first two were absolutely hilarious and I was pleasantly surprised that the second one didn’t let me down. The third might just be the perfect amount of old characters with new concepts to keep me around. Release expected around the end of 2017.

“The Bye Bye Man” – I totally got into horror movies this break, so for those who have outgrown Despicable Me and are looking for a movie that will make your dorm room seem four times as big and eight times as dark, try this movie. Supposedly, the movie is about a man who can get into your head and make you commit crimes. And it’s coming out in only a few short weeks- this can be a great alternative to going out or doing homework when the term starts to speed up.

So there you have it, the up-and-coming hits of 2017. Bound to excite you for this year and also give you a head start on what’s going to be big.



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