“Sausage Party”: A surprising critique on modern society


At first glance, the film “Sausage Party” seems like a typical animated comedy that is an exposé about the secret life of food. With the rise of success in films featuring anthropomorphism and/or humanized animals and/or objects (think of creative works from Pixar studios or more recent Disney movies), “Sausage Party” seemed like it was almost taking a step too far down a familiar route. Almost.

Produced by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg, “Sausage Party” is a strange yet bold and profane animated feature that challenges notions of sexuality, race, ethnic stereotypes and religion all while keeping things in terms of food. It is an analogy to today’s society as we know it.

Sausage Party is a reflection of humanity and the conflicts and issues that we experience. However, the use of computer animation softens the heavier concepts the film explores. With the help of caricaturized characters and snappy dialogue, the film was able to exploit heavy and even controversial topics while maintaining an enjoyable and lighthearted atmosphere.

In fact, there were little to no dismal moments in this movie because they were immediately replaced with jovial sex obsessed comedy. Honestly, this is not too far off from how humans tend to approach sensitive topics with humor.

The film starts off with an obscene parodic song that all the foods in the supermarket sing in their efforts to praise and satisfy the “Gods.” The food items in the supermarket believe that somehow by being plucked off the shelves by humans and leaving the grocery store, they would be taken to the “great beyond.”

They try to follow preestablished guidelines such as abstaining from sex, stealing and other immoral behaviors in order for them to reach the great beyond. This belief is strikingly similar to many religious practices which teach that immoral behaviors are inappropriate, shameful and come with consequence.

Although this is a fun parallel for a movie about food to take, it is important not to take it too much to heart, as is not trying to condemn such ideals so much as question the motives behind them.

The main character, Frank (voiced by Rogan), is a sausage. He starts off like all the other naive food items, believing in this unknown world. But after a mustard jar brings alarming news from his visit to the “great beyond,” claiming that humans kill food and rip them apart to use them for their own selfish benefit, Frank’s hopes and ideals are turned on their head.

This discovery leaves Frank shaken. He begins questioning his faith in the “Gods.” After trying to save the mustard from his attempt to commit suicide, Frank and Brenda (a bun who is his love interest) both fall out of their package and begin a journey to learn about the unknown and dark future that awaits the food products when they leave the store.

The cast, directors and producers of “Sausage Party” created a brilliant movie that had very witty, ingenious things to say all while giving the audience amazing laughs.

Its acerbic storytelling lent to the film’s success and praise, but a deeper look at “Sausage Party” proves that its story analogous to human society and provides the audience with a different way to look at issues and concepts that plague our society while taking us on a fun and comedic ride.

This movie is strongly recommended to individuals who are looking for a laugh! It has a lot of unusual (which might be an understatement) scenes and the end is promised to be a big yet bizarre surprise. But even through all the laughs, “Sausage Party” offers a lot of discussion material.

Whether if you are looking for a movie to have ridiculous debates over or just have great gales of laughter, “Sausage Party” is definitely a must-see.


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