WRUC’s Wave Night showcases student DJ talent


WRUC took the airwaves by storm this past Friday, October 14 in Old Chapel with its first event of the year, Wave Night. WRUC’s executive board, consisting of Anat Tewari ’19 (Junior General Manager), John Peterson ’17 (Technical Director), Cameron Yang ’19 (Assistant Technical Director), Nick Meixsel ’19 (Event Coordinator), Katherine Maximov ’17 (Station Manager) and Frank Chiarulli ’17 (Senior General Manager) made Wave Night come to life. Justice Park ’19, Raphael Sebastian ’20, Patrick Gardner ’18, Kortay Powell ’19 and Sonia Sandoval ’16 DJ’ed for the night. The music covered a wide spectrum of genres courtesy of each DJ’s contributions. All of them have experience mixing in the past with WRUC, so their talents as seasoned DJs got to shine through in Wave Night.

Sandoval capitalized on variety so that remixed songs complemented each other in a way only an experienced DJ could pull off – Park used EDM remixes to get Old Chapel pulsing with plenty of bass – Powell tied the night together by going back to basics and using his segment to play a tasteful array of R&B and hip-hop tracks.

WRUC strove to make sure that Wave Night went beyond just another campus party. It balanced an inclusive atmosphere with fist-pumping dance music. With the walls speckled with laser lights and colorful projections, Old Chapel was transformed into a dance club.

The true success of the event was multi-faceted. It brought people together, promoted great music that may not necessarily get any airtime on a regular radio station and showcased the talent our very own classmates possess outside of the WRUC booth. As for future goals, Tewari hopes to develop “a music culture on campus” and “have a larger presence.”

WRUC is among the first radio stations in the nation having started broadcasts in 1920. It is one of few organizations that is completely run and staffed by students. To tune in to WRUC, listen to 89.7 FM or visit wruc.union.edu to listen live.


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