The Costumer gives an insider’s look at the world of costumes to Anime Club


This past weekend, Anime Club visited The Costumer for an exclusive, behind-the-scenes view of how costumes are created and stored. The group met at Old Chapel at approximately 3:40 p.m. last Wednesday.

The Costumer is a local Halloween store in Schenectady that sells individual costumes and general halloween paraphernalia and costumes for plays or specially customized ones.

The Anime Club had the opportunity to see how costumes were created and stored along with getting a tour of the store layout. Club members were introduced to professional makeup kits that can be purchased and applied to create a one-of-a-kind Halloween look that will improve anyone’s costume.

Ashley, one of the associates in the store, showed the group the ins and outs of the store including their “Costume Rental Area,” which contains more than 60,000 costumes.

She gave the club members the opportunity to look through costumes that reflected various themes from medieval ages to Disney costumes. The options for specific costumes were endless. The store was surprisingly big given its rather small-looking exterior.

One noticeable difference between the front and back of the store is the prices. More of the costumes located in the back “Costume Rental Area” were either customized to fit a customer’s preference or were exquisitely done with expensive materials.

The costumes located in the rental area were breathtaking and far exceeded what the club goers expected out of the local costume shop.

Unfortunately, this means that most of these wonderful designs are hidden from the common customer because they are more expensive.

A lot of the costumes located in the front of the store were cheaper and could be mixed and matched, such as cat ears and fake glasses. They also had costumes for rent in the front of the store if someone needed a cool costume for a special event.

After the tour with Ashley was done, the Anime Club was given an introduction on how to apply makeup. Megumi, another store associate, was kind enough to share her knowledge on the makeup the store had to offer.

She even gave a demonstration on Ashley. First she applied Elmer’s Glue on Ashley’s eyebrows. Then, she put a type of concealer over it to hide her eyebrows. Finally, she took a blue pencil and began to draw in Ashley’s new blue eyebrows.

The results were quite realistic and freaky. After giving the demonstration, Megumi exhibited all the professional makeup supplies the store had for sale in the case near the register.

Overall, the tour of The Costumer was amazing and the Anime Club was thrilled to have been able to go. It definitely got many members excited for the Anime Club’s upcoming Cosplay Contest that will be held in late October.

It also got many people contemplating whether they want to buy a cool costume or try to design one like they do in the store.

All in all, the trip was a great success that was pleasantly educational about the specifics of costume design. If you haven’t been yet, go!



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