Chinese Consortium teaches students art of calligraphy


The Chinese Consortium hosted its calligraphy event on October 14. Yao “Ricky” Pan ’19 headed the event and gave attendees the opportunity to learn about the art of Chinese calligraphy. T-shirts and practice paper were provided by the Chinese Consortium.

While the event focused on Chinese culture, it stilll drew a diverse crowd. According to Xier “Helen” Zhao ’19, “We also had students who are taking Japanese classes come to the event since [Chinese and Japaese share some] common characters.”

In fact, many students in Japanese language courses came to the event with their TAs to experiment with the art of calligraphy.

While there are strict rules on stroke order in writing characters, calligraphy allows artists to adopt their own style. After all, everyone has a unique penmanship, so calligraphy naturally follows in those steps.

To make the event more “personal,” members of the Chinese Consortium helped students create transliterated Chinese names. They also told them how to write hometown names in a similar fashion.

Chinese Consortium plans to host more events in the near future in order to spread more information on Chinese culture. Stay tuned!


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