Senior Art Exhibition Premieres in the Nott Memorial for the first time

Visual Arts major Robert Leung ’16 diplays his photography in the Nott (Courtesy of Robert Leung)
Visual Arts major Robert Leung ’16 diplays his photography in the Nott (Courtesy of Robert Leung)

On Monday, May 23 the Union College Department of Visual Arts will be opening its 2016 Senior Art Exhibition at the Mandeville Gallery in the Nott Memorial and will keep it on display through June 12.

The exhibition will feature the artwork of twelve seniors; Catherine Blewer, Allison Borek, Hannah Gardner, Maya Whalen-Kipp, Rebecca Krasa, Robert Leung, Haicheng Lin, Katheryn McKean, Kiana Miller, Taiana Ospina, Zachary Restifo and Terry Tucker.

Each student has spent the past several months honing their craft and assembling a final portfolio of their best work to showcase in the exhibition.

Due to the ongoing renovation of the Visual Arts Department as well as the incredibly large amount of senior artwork, this will be the first year that the Senior Art Exhibition will be displayed in the Nott Memorial. Leung adds, “This year has the most seniors showcasing their art in this exhibition than ever before.”

The gallery will include a great variety of media, including sculpture, watercolor paint, oil paint, charcoal, digital media and for the first time ever, virtual reality art by Lin. Each student will have their own small section dedicated to their pieces and every section will contain a unique story determined by the artist and their advisor.

“Our advisors helped us pick the artwork that best exemplifies each of our individual talents,” comments Leung.

The gallery will hold an opening reception on Wednesday, May 26 in the Nott Memorial from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The exhibition is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily and free to the public.


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