Dancers en pointe for Steinmetz Dance Performance

Jillian Callanan ’16, Kathryn McKean ’16 and Megan Wells ’18 dance as the Three Stooges in their tap routine. (Anna Klug I Concordiensis)

More than 90 dancers performed this Friday, May 6 in the Nott Memorial for the Steinmetz Dance Performance. The Nott was packed with eager students and faculty; a low buzzing of murmurs filled the domed building as they eagerly waited for the show to start. Miryam Moutillet, director of the dance program and the faculty sponsor for the performance, opened the show by stating how ambitious all of the dancers are and subsequently thanked President Ainley for allowing the dancers to perform in the Nott.

The performances ranged from a spunky hip-hop number to a sultry salsa to a stoic lyrical piece. A common quality united all the performances: each dancer exuded enthusiasm that captivated the audience. Along with their energy, the costumes also added to the performance; these ranged from vibrant red dresses to nerdy suspenders to classic black dresses. All of the performances demonstrated students’ varying talent and hard work. A few notable ones were: “A Little Unsteady,” “The Three Stooges,” Hip- Hop Club & Step Team and “Till I Reach You.”

Brianna Caruccio ’16, Lily Herout ’17 and Ariella Yazdani ’16 performed “A Little Unsteady.” Yazdani choreographed it.

Although they moved in unison, there were sections where one would break away from the other two and dance by herself. The girls depicted the main line and message of the song, “hold on to me because I’m a little unsteady,” by leaning on one another and tugging on each other’s limbs. It was a moving piece, full of emotion and expression.

Another memorable piece was “The Three Stooges,” performed by Jillian Callanan ’16, Kathryn McKean ’16 and Megan Wells ’18. Choreographed by Callanan, the three girls tapped their way into everyone’s hearts by clumsily falling over one another and flashing bright smiles. The piece was complete with jazz hands and fake mess ups and the ladies’ taps were perfectly coordinated with the music. The girls radiated energy equal to a child in a candy store while they still demonstrated their incredible tap-dancing skills.

A piece that really engaged the audience and displayed spirit was that of the Hip-Hop Club & Step Team. Choreographed by Brendan Coleman ’18, Girogia Comeau ’16, Kelly Ijang ’17 and Emily Lewis ’17 and led by Ijang and Lewis, performers jammed to music by Yellow Claw, Lil Dickey and Beyoncé. What made the piece was when four step dancers clapped in unison to the song “Formation.” They then joined in with the rest of the group, all dancing in unison. There was a certain boldness to the number and all dancers worked together while still demonstrating their personal styles.

The show closed with the moving piece, “Till I Reach You.” It was choreographed by Caruccio and danced by herself, Callanan, Comeau, Allison Minchoff ’16, Avery Novitch ’16, Laura Schad ’16 and Yazdani. A proclamation of sentiment, the dancers’ kinetic limbs and suggestive expressions radiated a certain rawness and power. The dancers perfectly hit the sweet spot; they worked effectively together but they also made a point to separate and perform individually. “Till I Reach You” was an incredible way to close the show.


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