Union’s literary magazine makes its return


Returning after a year’s hiatus, Union’s arts and literary magazine, “The Idol,” is back for spring publication.

“The Idol” premiered at Union in 1910 and was originally conceived as a satirical magazine. However, it only lasted for one issue.

It reemerged 18 years later as a literary magazine under its first official editor-in-chief, William Gilsleichter ’28.

According to Gilsleichter, “The Idol’s” purpose was to serve as a creative outlet for students to express themselves through writing.

Nowadays, “The Idol” is an annual compilation of poetry, prose, photography and art submitted by Union students.

Current editor-in-chief, Jacob Rothschild ’18 speaks on some new ideas that are in still in the works for this year’s publication, as well as the various efforts “Idol” members have put in to advertise for submissions.

“We are thinking of including a theme for this year’s issue of ‘The Idol.’ This was something that my high school’s literary magazine did. We’d have a theme like ‘transcendence’ and the definition of the word could be open for interpretation,” says Rothschild.

If anyone was concerned that this will restrict submissions to adhering to the theme, fear not! Rothschild assures, “The theme does not have to be defined in every submission … the point of the theme is to unify ‘The Idol’s’ submissions. The submissions’ titles will be the only part that adheres to the theme.”

Currently, the Executive Board is ruminating upon whether to allow submissions to be published anonymously or under a pseudonym.

“Only the E-board has to know the true identity of the submission. We wanted to give people the option of publishing under a pen name, or anonymously, in case (they) were shy about revealing their work to the public. This way, anyone can feel comfortable expressing themselves.”

Previous publications of “The Idol” have not traditionally included a table of contents or index; however, that may change for this year’s issue.

“We are considering including a table of contents or index to organize the submissions by category,” says Rothschild.

You may have also noticed posters advertising “The Idol” around campus.

“Idol” Executive Board member Andrea Becker ’18 designed the posters to give this year’s magazine a fresh look.

Becker hopes that the posters will result in a higher level of submissions.

Furthermore, “Idol” members are seeking help from other sources, including Union’s English Department, to aid in collecting submissions.

To further promote “The Idol,” Executive Board members have collaborated with Dickens House, the ‘literature’ theme house, and are hosting a Harry Potter event, entitled ‘A Very Potter Party,’ which will be taking place this coming Friday in the Sorum House Great Room, at 7:00 p.m.

The event includes Harry Potter trivia, Harry Potter themed snacks (such as ‘snitchkins’) and ‘pin the glasses on Harry.’

Rothschild adds, “We hope that this event will alert the campus that “The Idol” is up and running again.”

If you are interested in having your work featured in “The Idol,” email your submissions to theidol@union.edu.



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