Students showcase talent at Green House

Kabir Chabra ‘18 (left) and Nate Sears ‘18 (right) perfrom at Green House’s talent show. (Concordiensis | Anna Klug)

The Green House Minerva held their annual “The Good, The Bad and The Talented” talent show this past Friday, Jan. 29, at 7 p.m.

The acts ranged from musical performances to comedic routines, judged by Marcus Rogers, Professor Matsue, and Professor Wilkin.

Excited students filled the room, chattering in anticipation and munching on finger food.

The show opened up with a grand performance by the animated rock band, “Cave In,” with members Kabir Chabra ’18, Nate Sears ’8, Varun Shah ’18 and Kyle Miller ’18.

One could really sense the beat of the song, as it pulsed throughout the entirety of the performance by the clear drumbeats and the jazzy bass notes.

What really engaged the audience and made the performance so memorable was the vivacious lead singer.

Soulfully belting out every note, he managed to channel the spirit of Jack Black from the classic movie, “School of Rock,” while refraining from going overboard and face-diving into the crowd.

Not only was he the most energetic person in the room, but he also showcased his versatility by pulling out a sax halfway through the performance.

The group was well equipped with crowd pleasers, toward the end the lead guitarist placed his guitar behind his head and played.

Not only did the group bring raw talent, but also they performed with awesome energy.

Another mentionable performance was the song, “Hello,” performed by Lauren Capron ’19 and Lauren Elder ’17 in their duo act, “Lauren Squared.”

Their rendition of a song originally sung by one offered an alluring perspective; they functioned as separate entities but effectively conveyed the same message.

One played clean, clear cords on the piano while both sang. Harmonizing and projecting beautifully, both communicated with each other throughout the entirety of the song.

They effectively engaged the audience, toward the end of the song everyone was quietly singing along to the tune.

What really made the performance was the solo toward the end, one Lauren voice resonating out as opposed to two. This contrast between the dual and singular made the audience’s hearts ache even more, as it caught us off guard and offered a taste of the familiar rendition of one singer singing the song.

The show closed with two guitar acts: Linda and Nam Khán Bùi ’19. Linda sang the melancholy song, “Outlaw.”

An authentic expression of herself, she serenaded the audience with her smooth, soulful voice, avoiding the artificial presence that many artists fall into.

She communicated effectively with her guitar and the audience, often gracing us with short, sweet glances.

She put us under her spell -we were all in a dream-like state by the end of the song.

Nam stirringly sang the well-known tune, “Photograph.”

His deep, velvety voice projected throughout the room, while he too often locked eyes with various members in the audience, pulling them into the song.

He effectively portrayed the delicate emotions of the song; his dynamics signified the mood he wished to convey.

What ultimately melted everyone’s heart was when he spontaneously forgot the words momentarily and started to sheepishly hum.

All the performances at the Green House talent show were expressive, compelling and unique.

The performers interacted widely with everyone and it was eye opening seing talent that the student body has to offer.


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