Empty Bowls teaches students skills while raising awareness

The Empty Bowls Project sponsors bowl making and decorating sessions in the ceramics studio every Tuesday. The event sells bowls for patrons to purchase in order to fundraise for the less fortunate and also raise awareness for local hunger. (Courtesy of Katya Welch )

On Tuesday Jan. 19, 2016 The Empty Bowls Project held a bowl making and decorating session.

The event, which ran from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m., took place in the ceramics studio located across from Memorial Field House.

The Empty Bowls Project is a unique community service opportunity where participants purchase the materials to create a ceramic bowl. Sessions are held every Tuesday at the pottery studio.

There is a formal fundraising event every couple of months to raise the awareness of hunger in the local community.

Money from the event goes towards a local charity. Participants can keep their bowl at the end of the event.

This program takes place all around the Upstate New York area with thousands of local potters donating bowls to this great cause.

My friends and I decided to attend an Empty Bowl session this past Tuesday.

Many of us have never made pottery bowls, so it was a new and interesting experience.

My friend Hannah Ellen ’19, was the most experienced of all of us since she went to art camp for many years when she was a kid.

She taught us all how to “center” the bowl and shape it different ways.

We all circled around her, confident that we would be able to perform the same effortless technique.

Unfortunately, this was not the case. Forming a pottery is tougher than it looks, especially for a couple of my friends and I.

With the help of Hannah and a volunteer, we were able to form curved bowls that looked presentable.

This bowl-making experience was definitely a unique experience to help the local community.

Learning a new art form was another fascinating way to set out of our comfort zones and try something new.


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