Students showcase creativity at Jamnesty open mic

(Avery Novitch | Concordiensis)

Kylie Gorski ’16 and Kiana Miller ’16 perform spoken word poetry at Jamnesty last Wednesday evening, Oct. 28, at Beuth House. Gorski and Miller’s original poetry was inspired by Blackout Week. Their spoken word was among several other student performances at the event.

The event was led by Sarah Pollack ’16 and Mathew Giso ’16. They stated that Jamnesty is an event sponsered by Amnesty International. According to the event organizers, Amnesty International is “an NGO working towards preventin human rights abuses by demanding justice for those whose rights have been violated.” The event’s organizers explained: “In congruence with encouraging people to speak up, we invite you to join us for an open mic session.”

Pollack and Giso echoed this message at the beginning of the event and throughout the performances by integrating discussion of artists and creators around the world who are punished for expressing themselves. Student performers included Brendan Coleman ’18; Emily Lewis ’16 and Giorgia Comeau ’16 from Hip Hop Club, who danced to Fetty Wap’s “679” and Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money”; and Ellice Tordesillas ’19 and Christie Dionisos ’19, who sang Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space.”


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