Setting the record straight


Last week’s article “Prop manager of ‘The Dining Room’ shares perspectives,” published Oct. 29, misstated Patricia Culbert’s title; she is Theater Senior Artist in Residence, not Dance Senior Artist in Residence.

“Prop manager of ‘The Dining Room’ shares perspectives” also incorrectly noted the time of the matinée performance, which will occur at 2 p.m., not at 2:30 as originally stated.

Last week’s article “Spellbound Dance Company lives up to its name,” published Oct. 29, misspelled Mauro Astolfi’s last name. His last name is spelled Astolfi, not Astolfie.

Last week’s article “Kiana Miller ’16 makes time for her mural,” published Oct. 29, misidentified Kiana Miller as Vice President of Multicultural Affairs. She was once Vice President of Multicultural Affairs, but she left the position.



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