Pulitzer Prize winning photographer visits Union

Avery Novitch | Concordiensis

Below, Jose Galvez, Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, is greeted in Schaffer Library’s Lally Reading Room on Thursday, Oct. 15. At left, Jonny Covey ’17 admires Glavez’s exhibit, entitled “Latino/a Life and Culture in the United States,” which opened at 9 a.m. last Thursday.

The reception for the exhibit began at 5 p.m., and students, faculty, staff and community members viewed the photographs and spoke with the artist. Following the brief reception, Galvez gave a talk about his work.

This event was a part of Hispanic Heritage Month 2015 and was sponsored by Multicultural Affairs, Campus Diversity and Inclusion, Latin American and Caribbean Studies and the Schaffer Library.

Galvez says of his work, “I certainly want that dialogue to always be happening where non-Latinos can look at my photography and say, ‘Oh wow, they really are people who are just like us (…) they’re workers or students. They have religion and faith, they protest,’ so (…) the dialogue I want to be happening is that the next time they do have a Latino friend, they can say, ‘Oh hey, I learned a lot recently,’ or just maybe internally have that dialogue going on inside their head.”

(Avery Novitch | Concordiensis)
(Avery Novitch | Concordiensis)


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