‘Age of Adaline’ spotlights vintage fashion

Courtesy of Fangirlnation.com

What if today was the last day you aged?

Stuck in this body with that face, for eternity.

Decades would come and go, your children would age, but you would remain the same.

This is what life was like for Adaline Bowman in the new hit movie, “The Age of Adaline”, starring the flawless Blake Lively.

Called a “career best performance” by Huffington Post, Lively’s talent shines through in her portrayal of Adaline.

Most famous for her role of the socialite Serena van Der Woodsen on the CW’s iconic Gossip Girl series, Lively proves that there is more to her than meets the eye.

The film follows Adaline after she has an accident and is struck by lightning, stopping her genes from aging; a concept that was quickly explained in a voiceover as having been discovered in the year 2020.

Adaline quickly becomes aware of her inability to age, and thus lives out her life on the run from people who might discover her secret.

Audiences are graced with Lively’s ability to look stunning in every decade from the 1920s up to present day.

The fashions of this film are truly amazing, including everything from the cloche hats to the mod 1960s headscarves and sunglasses.

One of the more magnificent pieces of clothing that Lively wears is her wedding dress. Prior to her accident, Adaline weds a construction man in San Francisco, CA, adorned in a long sleeved lace number, reminiscient of something Grace Kelly would make famous years later.

Lively looks especially stunning in her outfits from the 1920s to the 1970s, as her slender figure is perfectly complimented by the drop waist and mod shifts, and the kitten heels.

And let’s not forget the impeccable hairstyles that completed each of Adaline’s outfits.

I think we should all agree to bring back victory curls, and the classic chignon twist.

I for one am already a big advocate of the head scarf look, and Blake’s chic sixties fringe pulls it all together as she cruises in her convertible.

To say the least, the costumes of “The Age of Adaline” made me quite nostalgic for a time when fashion was truly beautiful.

Blake Lively is simply gorgeous in each decade she is dressed in, and it’s as if young Serena grew up into a true fashion icon.

I highly recommend that anyone interested in a touching love story, or looking for glamorous fashion inspiration go and see this movie. You won’t regret it.


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