Winter may not be coming, but a new season of GoT has

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(This article will contain spoilers; read at your own risk.)

If your friends were MIA last Sunday, it’s most likely because the fifth season of the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones” premiered.

Despite the four-episode leak the day before, Sunday’s premiere garnered a record-breaking 8 million viewers.

This past Sunday’s episode picked up where season four left off, providing a brief recap of of season four’s highlights before rolling the famous theme song title scene.

In the following episode, we relive Tywin’s death, visit Tyrion in hiding, see Daenerys lock her dragons somewhere new and witness new power struggles, romances and secret plots that will be revisited in the upcoming season.

After whisking him away from King’s Landing, Varys hides Tyrion in a wooden crate and smuggles him across the Narrow Sea.

Tyrion and Varys have formed an alliance. With contention for the crown ramping up after Joffrey’s morbid (albeit satisfying) death, we can expect to see some schemes from this duo and their potential new ally, Daenerys.

Upon his release, Varys informs Tyrion that they will be traveling to find Daenerys and help her take the power from the Lannisters.

After all, wasn’t everyone uncomfortable watching Margery Tyrell flirt with Joffrey’s younger brother? Girl needs to stop looking at Lannister toddlers for husbands — we all know how wonderful the last one was.

The only thing we might be able to read further into is that Margery said she might only “perhaps” be stuck with Cersei as a mother-in-law … could this mean she is plotting the murder of another powerful Lannister?

Although fans would love to see a team of Tyrion and Dany, the premiere episode set the stage for several problems that she might be preoccupied with.

Not only are her dragons super angry at her for locking them away in a dungeon, but a team of masked mercenaries called ‘the Sons of the Harpy’ have been running around Mereen and killing Dany’s Unsullied because (surprise!) they don’t actually like the fact that she freed all the slaves.

And of course we can’t forget about everyone’s favorite illegitimate child, Jon Snow.

In this episode, Jon Snow proved once again that while he knows nothing, he is an ambitious gent. Last week, he spent his time away from the Wall trying to convince Ance Rayder, leader of the Wildlings, to surrender to Stannis Baratheon and Melisandre in order to save his people.

Of course, Rayder was too proud to listen and chose to die rather than surrender his people.

He was sentenced to be burned alive.

But instead of letting him die a slow, painful, and embarrassing death, Jon shot Rayder and let him die honorably.

With Rayder out of the way and the Wildlings now under his control,

Stannis has the manpower to challenge the Lannisters for the throne.

This season will certainly be filled with death and war as each main character seems to have the famed Iron Throne on their minds.

Who will win? Will the Lannisters lose power? Will Dany regain control of her dragons? How much wine will Cersei drink this season? Will someone raise Ned Stark from the dead? (No, I’m still not over it.)

Only time will tell. Stay tuned and stay classy, Westeros.


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