Art Mini-Terms offer ‘short-term’ perks


Over the 2015 winter break there will be a series of European mini terms, focusing on art and culture. Course subjects include studio art and printmaking, art history, theatre and dance.

Professor David Ogawa and Professor Sandra Wimer will lead partner mini terms to Paris, France.

At an information session on Wednesday April 8 the two professors spoke about the programs to a large group of students in Visual Arts 215.

Professor Ogawa’s program, “Three Weeks in the Louvre” is for students interested in learning about Art History.

The program, introduced in 2001, will focus on the Louvre itself, exploring the history of the building and the institution.

Professor Wimer’s program, “Drawn to Print: Impressions of the Louvre” is geared towards those students interested in studio art and printmaking.

This program, which began in 2004, will take place in both the Louvre and a print shop.

Ogawa described the programs, calling them “original pioneers of the mini term.”

Both professors stressed the value of the three-week long immersion Parisian culture, explaining the educational benefits of focusing on one topic for the duration of the term.

The cost of the program includes basic living amenities, one course credit, art supplies, a one-year membership to the Musée du Louvre, an excursion to Versailles and more.

The Hotel Bellevue et Chariot D’Or, the student housing for the program, is a two-star hotel in the heart of Paris, fifteen minutes away from the Louvre.

The Department of Theatre and Dance will be holding a mini term during the winter break of 2015 as well.

Professor Brittney Belz will lead this mini-term to London, England.

At the information session on Friday, April 10 in the Yulman Lobby, Belz explained how little of the program will take place in a physical classroom.

The program includes innumerable opportunities to explore London’s rich history and cultural scene, far beyond the nine theatre and dance performances.

Belz listed group activities, including excursions to Hampton Court, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and Warner Brothers’ Studios Harry Potter Tours as well as trips to marketplaces, museums and many historic sights. Students will participate in special workshops such as seminars in Jacobean theatre and stage combat.

These programs will afford students the chance to explore art history, studio art and the performing arts through a variety of rare opportunities and full cultural immersions offered by these unique abroad programs.


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