Concordiensis, informally called the Concordy, is the official student newspaper of Union College in Schenectady, New York.  Founded in November 1877, Concordiensis is the thirteenth oldest student newspaper in the United States and is the oldest continuously published newspaper in the City of Schenectady.

Our current staff (2016–2017) is

Editors-in-Chief: Caitlin Williams and Kim Bolduc 

Managing Editors: James Boggs and Olivia Estes

News Editors: Samantha Kruzshak and Talha Janjua

Opinions Editors: Jill Slezek and Varun Shah

World Editor: Lisa Hladik

Sci/Tech Editor: Jack Wassik

Man on the Street Editors: Maggie McCormick and Hayley Bennett

Sports Editor: Rachel Clarey 

807 Union St. Editor: Andrew Cassarino

Arts Editors: Jenna Salisbury and Jenna Schwartz

Photo Editor: Anna Klug

Layout Editor: Sarah Chang

Layout Designer: Rob Harrington

Business Administrator: Andy Zou

Webmaster: Alec Lesniewski