Springfest review: a pleasant surprise for many


DSC_1363Leading into Springfest this past Saturday May 6, many members of the student body had mixed feelings as to what this year’s event was to bring. Even in the hours leading into Saturday’s festivities, students were left questioning if the event was going to live up to the standard that previous years had built it up to be. Performers from last year, such as the Plain White T’s and Shaggy, combined with spectacular weather set a tall standard for the event that was certainly hard for this year’s lineup to surpass. The Score, The Wrecks and Big Boi all looked to make the best of an event where the student body was certainly looking to do the same. After receiving news of the incoming performers through the Concordy last Thursday, May 3, students turned their focus to the one other factor that could hold tremendous influence over the outcome of one the most anticipated days of the year: the weather. Prior experiences and standards on campus had led students to believe that if rain had come down on either Friday or Saturday, the event would be moved into the fieldhouse. Not only would this have led to a last minute change for the planning by the Springfest Committee, but a total change in the dynamic of the event altogether. However, students were relieved to wake up from their afternoon naps to an email from student body president, Audrey Hunt, announcing that the concert would indeed occur outside. The email notified students that the Springfest Committee had decided to move the event from its traditional location on the grassy shores of West Beach to the more stable area of Richmond Lawn. Additionally, the change allowed for a more intimate concert atmosphere in the smaller environment, where students were allowed to be closer to each other in an area that made the event seem even more packed. The decision by the Springfest Committee revamped the energy and atmosphere surrounding the event and was a change that needed to be made. As for the event as a whole, there were certainly portions that were more heavily attended than others. Students woke up to questionable weather Saturday morning that may have stirred some doubts as to whether or not to both mentally and physically prepare themselves for what could have been a dreary event. Just as the concert was set to start, a rise in the temperature and a crack in the clouds hanging over the venue saw lured students outside. The headliner for the concert was Big Boi, who, much like the Plain White T’s and Shaggy from last year, was able to bring a blast from the past with old Outkast anthems, mixed with new music sprinkled throughout the performance. Big Boi, who performed with singer Sleepy Brown, was able to energize a substantial crowd throughout a performance that had all of Richmond Lawn jumping. Among the few complaints from students who attended was that Big Boi did not perform a fan favorite from himself and Andre 3000 from their Outkast days in “Hey Ya!” Regardless, students could be seen basking in the surprising sunlight and jumping for the majority of Big Boi’s set. The last takeaway from the highly anticipated event was the tremendous security presence on campus and around the event. Students that were headed to meet up with friends on and around campus were also often met by the usually friendly exchange of campus security, Schenectady police, and private security alike. All were looking to maintain the safety and integrity of a day where the student body as a whole seemed from an onlooker’s perspective to relatively well behaved. In addition, for those who were looking to get closer to the artists and were not amongst the lucky few to get in on a short photo op like one that Big Boi spontaneously allowed outside of the Everest Lounge and Old Chapel, there is behind the scenes footage on multiple artists’ social media. Big Boi, for example, was recording behind the scenes footage on snapchat throughout the day that can now be seen on Twitter amongst much more scenes from the event and prior concerts by the former Outkast star. In all, the concert survived tough overhanging implications with the weather and the circumstances that come along with it.


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