Sigma Chi hosts annual ‘Derby Days’ fundraising events


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This past week, the brothers of Sigma Chi Gamma Zeta Chapter hosted a week-long philanthropic effort with different events every day to raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.
This foundation helps to fund research for a cure to Parkinson’s Disease. ‘Derby Days’ is a national Sigma Chi effort to raise money for different charities.
Throughout the entire week, members of Sigma Chi sold t-shirts with a specialized Derby Days design in Reamer to raise awareness about the week and to raise money. The first event of the week started on Monday, May 15, when  people paid to smash an old car outside of Reamer. Smashing the windows were especially popular, and were auctioned off to the highest bidder.
Tuesday’s event was a talent show in the Reamer auditorium, where brothers of Sigma Chi competed by showing off their unique talents. The talents ranged from an a-capella group to stand-up comedy.
Wednesday, May 17, was highlighted by the ‘Sell-A-Sig’ event in Reamer during common lunch. During this event, a select group of Sigma Chi’s “finest” were auctioned off to a packed audience.
‘Powderpuff’ was scheduled for Thursday, May 18, but the weather forced the event to be pushed back until the following week. This event involves each sorority entering a team or two and competing against one another for a great cause.
The barbecue on Friday, May 19, was also affected by the power outage that spread across parts of the campus. The barbecue was able to happen the next day, and everyone was still able to grab a burger or hot dog.
Sigma Chi also volunteered at a local Schenectady Charity, ‘Things of My Very Own.’ ‘Things of My Very Own’ is an organization that helps local children stay with their non-abusive parents by providing them with clothes, toys, etc. which help stop child protective services from intervening.  The brothers built several shelves for the organization to help them store clothes and toys.
Also for the ‘Things of My Very Own’ foundation, Sigma Chi is participating in the first ever IFC Battle of the Bands.  Amidst the live music performed by Union students, the brothers are renting an inflatable bounce house. Admission will require a donation to help them win the event.
‘Derby Days’ was a huge success this year, with over $3,500 raised for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.
This is an annual event, and the brothers of Sigma Chi hope that the achievements this year will help to propel ‘Derby Days’ to be even better next year.


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