Monthly preview: a busy May for dutchmen


By Robert Rizos 807 Union St. Editor Following a winter full of burying snowstorms and a spring that has brought seemingly unpredictable weather and plenty of rain, the month of May is set to bring excitement all over campus. The month features a scheduled packed with a myriad of events including Springfest, Steinmetz, Alumni Weekend and more. The month will kick off with Springfest in what the school tabs on the Union website as “the most anticipated student event of the year.” Regardless of whether or not the event itself lives up to the hype, the campus will be full of excitement while students make the best of a laid back weekend. Past years’ performers that have headlined or featured in the event include Wyclef Jean, Talib Kweli, Sean Kingston and others. Students this weekend will look for a step up from the visit from Timeflies to campus earlier this year, and a shift forwards from the blast from the past that Shaggy brought to many in 2016. Regardless, students will look for Springfest to usher in the feelings of an exciting spring and summer across campus. Following Springfest, students will have Steinmetz weekend to reflect on a number of achievements over the course of the year. No classes will be held on Friday May 12, as students will look to display art and presentations from the year, as the best student work from the 2016-17 academic year (as selected by the Visual Arts faculty) will be displayed. This display will lead into Prize Day on Saturday, featuring the reception of about 100 awards to Union students for “achievements in academics, research, service and governance.” The weekend as a whole will look to reflect upon and encompass the achievements of the student body over the course of the academic year. The following weekend, students will be happy to embrace the arrival of ReUnion ’17 on Alumni Weekend as a chance to relax and take part in exciting festivities. Students will look to reconnect with and form relationships with those coming back to campus, as well as to look back upon what they have accomplished over the course of the year. Alumni Weekend will signal the first steps in closing the chapter of the 2016-17 academic year, all the while looking back upon it all with friends as a time to celebrate. The last weekend of the month, Memorial Day weekend, will give students plenty of reason to say on campus amidst the arrival of summer. Campus will be hopping with excitement with events such as the WRUC Fest on the rugby field. On the other side of campus, there will be a three-on-three basketball tournament in the aim of raising money for ‘Kristen’s Kause,’ a fundraising effort that is close to home for many on campus. T he events should give students of all interests an opportunity to get out and support great causes, and send students into the summer feeling positive. Following the exciting times of May, students will have just one short week of June before classes end, finals start and campus empties out for summer. Regardless, the exciting weekends of May are what make it the best month for many on campus every year. In short, the month of May looks to bring plenty of excitement and buzz to campus, as students will have opportunities to gather together, celebrate and enjoy great company together over the course of each weekend.


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