Ferrari’s Ristorante


IMG_5406 (1)By Marc Perlman Columnist Vrooooom. Dishing out dynamite Italian food since in the 1970’s, Ferrari’s Ristorante is a real-life slice ofItaly. Authentic is the name of the game at Ferrari’s. White tablecloths, low ceilings and paintings on the walls bring about a homey and old-fashioned atmosphere. Such an ambiance is reinforced through the warmth, courtesy and relative attentiveness of the staff. The complimentary Focaccia bread almost floated away as it was fluffier and lighter than air. Although delivered to us cold, the bread had a sensual garlic-and-herby flavor that buttresses the Italian vibe. The whimsical menu has pictures of each type of pasta for those of us who are less culinary inclined. Many of the main dishes have a unique comment about them, like the Veal Melanzano: “Ferrari’s famous veal parmigiana topped with slices of our great eggplant parmigiana. Vinnie loves it. You know it’s gotta be good.” The shy chuckle helps to further ignite the pallet. The meal came with a complimentary family-sized antipasti salad. Although it was a general, inelegant salad, it had a well-concerted flavor profile with tangy cheese to combat the sharp olive-pepper duo. Additionally, the shrimp is the real deal at Ferrari’s. Both the shrimp scampi and the shrimp oreganato popped. While I wish they were jumbo, the regular-sized shrimp did not disappoint. The shrimp scampi is sautéed to perfection in butter and garlic, while the shrimp oreganato is twinned with smooth and crumbly bread crumbs. Both dishes melt in your mouth like butter to a flame. Next comes the cheese tortellini. This tortellini is a king’s mac and cheese. Tortellini stuffed with cheese is then showered in a sea of even more cheese. Polka-dotted with peas and streaked with prosciutto, the ooey-gooey-ness of the cheese tortellini is other-worldly. My entrée of choice is the veal Pepe. The freshest of fresh veal is masterfully sautéed in a white cream sauce. The gear that brings this dish together is the addition of horseradish, adding a rocket-science level of complexity to the dish. In fact, the sauce is so deep and flavorful, it almost resembles a curry. The sauce complimented the tender texture with a faint but exciting hiss of the veal. Skip the flight. For a real deal slice of Italian home-cooking get your culo to Ferrari’s Ristorante ASAP. Dig in!


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