Athletic department hosts events for Kristen’s Kause


This Saturday, May 27, Union College Athletics will be hosting a basketball tournament in hopes of raising money for Kristen’s Kause.
This will be the third of four events in the month of May that looks to raise funds for the initiative, and one of the many events this year that has been hosted by the athletic department.
Kristen’s Kause is an initiative by the Union Athletics department to promote a cause that, at its roots, hits close to home for many on campus. A recent post by the athletics department on the Union athletics website comments on the cause itself, stating, “Union College Athletics will be hosting a number of events that will benefit Kristen’s Kause, a department-wide initiative to raise funds for Kristen Shinebarger.
Kristen, an avid Union Athletics fan, has been battling Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, for a number of years.” The tournament is one of many events that share a common goal of supporting Kristen Shinebarger and her family.
In the past, large campus events such as the ‘Dutchmen Dip’ and fundraising efforts by the women’s hockey team including ‘Pink at the Rink’ have generated tremendous support for Kristen’s Kause. This athletics department is looking to close out the year with a strong month of May, dedicated to not just success on the field, but success as a community in strong effort to further the initiative.
The department is took the first step in gathering the community, in hosting four events over the course of May, all of which look to the Union community to show strength and solidarity for a great cause.
Earlier last week, the department hosted a family feud tournament, participated in by a variety of groups on campus. This past Wednesday, the department hosted the 11th annual ‘Run, Ribs, and Reggae,’ where many members of the community will look to make strides towards a bigger cause than their run.
This upcoming Saturday, the department hosts a 3 on 3 basketball tournament where all proceeds will go to the cause. This upcoming Tuesday, the final event will be the 5th Annual home run derby.
Each event looks to bring out the entire community, whether that be through participation or simply donation, in efforts of promoting the initiative.
Members of the community, from faculty to students running the events have been getting involved, and are looking to make these events well known on campus.
The final two events that are yet to occur are the 3 on 3 basketball tournament this Saturday at noon and the ‘Just Out’ Home Run Derby on Tuesday May 30 at 5 p.m.. The basketball tournament will occur outside, behind Alumni Gym, and the home run derby on Alexander Softball Field.
For those looking to get involved, but cannot attend the events, the athletic department kindly asks the community to support the initiative on GoFundMe under ‘Spring Fling for Kristen’s Kause.’


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