Jade Bistro



“Me, myself, and Thai.” What could be better? Jade Bistro delivers on this desire with largely kick-butt Thai Food. Located a ten-minute drive away in Scotia, the experience might just be worth the trek. The service is particularly excellent. A calm, reassuring, and patient waitress provided her full attention for the duration of the experience. She gave excellent recommendations. The courses were well-timed to allow hunger to resurge between them.

The atmosphere is very lively with a bar and music. Charming Asian decorations are all over the place, making you feel an agreeable cultural vibe. However, the seats in the booth were hard and extremely uncomfortable. Sit at a table if you can. Serving sushi, soup, poultry, pork, beef, stir fries, and a host of curries, the menu is enormous. The Asian chicken corn chowder was sensational.

A thick, thick, thick egg yolk broth combined with the sweet corn and well-seasoned chicken successfully warms the soul. The bacon wrapped shrimp was one of the best appetizers I’ve ever had. Minced shrimp was twice wrapped by thick-cut bacon and then deep fried. Crispy and porcine on the outside, soft and light on the inside, this appetizer is a homerun. On the other hand, the gyoza pork dumplings were oily and texturally one-note. I would steer clear of the dumplings. The curry was pleasant.

The salty and buttery broth was satisfying with adventurous flavor but it required a touch more of sweetness. The curry was populated by pepper, onions, pineapple, okra, and potato. The potato was a curveball for me and did not contribute much to the dish. Inevitably, the fried rice was a tad oily. However, it was cooked masterfully, and the scrambled egg and peas brought the collective to life.

The coconut ice cream was a delicious way to end the meal. Refreshing, tangy, and slightly grainy, the dessert had great texture and tropical flavor. Overall, while Jade Bistro does not offer the most superior Thai experience in the Capital Region, it is worth a try, with exquisite food, excellent service, and tasteful atmosphere. Dig in!


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