Game Review: MLB 17 the Show


As baseball returned this past weekend at all levels, from Union to the MLB, the video game series “MLB the Show” came back with its newest edition. The new game, featuring the iconic Ken Griffey Jr. on the cover, was released last Monday, March 28 to the public with great reception. While the game of baseball adopted new rule changes in the MLB for the upcoming season, ranging from changes to previous intentional walk protocol, to pace of game changes that will affect the timing of challenges demanded by managers, the new MLB the Show video game has seen significant changes as well.

Although many people have seen the game as mostly unchanged from its predecessors, MLB 17 the Show capitalized on many opportunities for improvement, while doing its best to change others. Contributing writer to, Brian Mazique reported last Fall, that with its new release, ‘The Show’ should look to improve “Presentation-Related Animations, Classic Stadiums, Full Salary Cap Mode and Improved Commentary”, amongst others.

These improvements would all be in attempt to both increase realism in presentation and graphics, as well as to add to the competitive aspects of the game between online players. The game developers at SIE San Diego Studio certainly took many of these suggestions to heart with improvements to most all of these categories. The new game brings a fresh replacement to presentation as it brings Fox Sports and MLB Network play-by-play commentator Matt Vasgersian back to the booth, as well as updated camera and video options for players looking to see a new view of the game. For those looking for newer places to play, the game added more classic stadiums from various eras of baseball history.

Lastly, the 2017 edition of the game has brought new competitive features to its most popular online game mode that brings a rewarding, ranked platform for players to compete at a high level. In all, the new game is able to maintain its classic feel of gameplay and baseball atmosphere, all the while responding to its faithful fans with positive improvements. The biggest fault of the game may have already been seen in its earliest moments that came this past week. The game was unable to stay online with the flood of users upon release, and ended up receiving tens of thousands of server complaints before the servers became stable by the weekend.

Players will look to a more consistent online system that they’ve found in the past with the game, and are hoping to keep initial problems from evolving into long-term hazards. For general baseball fans, the MLB season starting this past Sunday should fill the void in the hearts that had left since a historic World Series win in October. For fans of MLB 17 the Show, the new game brings back classic components with a new feel that is sure to surpass the woes it may have seen its opening hours.


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