Munchies with Marc: Pinhead Susan’s


Authentic and rustic, Pinhead Susan’s is a family owned Irish pub. With casual fair, fatty foods and a sizable drink menu, this place might seem alluring. The atmosphere is pub-like, but clean. It’s rustic and in-your-face but pleasant at the same time.

The menu is cartoonish and gets your appetite going. The menu sports a wide variety of burgers, interesting appetizers and Irish pub entrees. From their Reuben fritters to their mozzarella wedges to their bangers and mash, this place has some serious comfort food options. The Irish nachos were crispy and mostly delightful. With potato chips made from scratch as opposed to tortilla chips, this Irish twist on a Mexican classic is nothing to brush off. Lacking spice and oomph, the chili that sat atop the nachos was bland and uneventful.

The Reuben fritters were a never-before-seen black box for me. They took the form of fried balls stuffed with cheese, sauerkraut and corned beef. Delicate and soft, the fritters disintegrate with the slightest touch of a fork.

These fritters are funkily flamboyantly in flavor. Not in a good way. Sauerkraut is something that should not be fried, under any circumstances. The chefs have a predisposition to add stout beer to many of their entrees. From the battered cod to the “Mad Jack Burger,” booze beware. Most of the burgers come stuffed with a piñata full of goodies. The Willard caught my eye, as its patty is stuffed with red onion, bleu cheese, diced bacon and is topped with a mountain of caramelized onions and cheddar cheese. My first bite sliced right through the burger with little effort, like a chainsaw cutting through paper. T

he seductively sweet caramelized onions dominated my pallet and I didn’t know anything was off until three quarters of the way through. I take my knife into the patty and see its not cooked inside. Raw raw raw. Stringy and mealy, the burger was still moo-ing.

The sweet potato fries and the waffle fries both lacked seasoning, but only the waffle were crispy. The service is inconsistent. Our waitress was in and out (mostly out). Pinhead Susan’s might just be run by pinheads. Have a place you want me to check out? Let me know at using the subject line Munchies with Marc.


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