Thai Thai


A beauty on the eyes. A beauty on the tongue. Find yourself a restaurant that can do both.

Having recently settled in to its new location in Niskayuna, Thai Thai Bistro is a place to behold. Dishing out classic Thai food and hand-rolled sushi, “authentic” is the name of the game. The quality of the cuisine, service and atmosphere is un-rivaled by nearby Asian restaurants, and it’s safe to say that if Thai Thai doesn’t have a monopoly already, it soon will.

The menu is expansive and can please nearly every pallet, with a diverse set of appetizers, noodles, curries, stir fries and sushi.

The hardwood tables with fresh flowers directly contrast with the luminescent neon lights coming from all over the small eating space.

The Thai dumplings and curry puffs were some elite appetizers. The dumplings were bite size flavor bombs. With steamed chicken, Thai spices, garlic and cilantro and a light dough coating, they hit the spot. The honey soy sauce complimented them well. The curry puffs were very similar to samosas, with a thicker coating. They were stuffed bountifully with tender chicken and Thai spices. The puffs partnered well with the garlicky, sweet sauce.

The Somtum salad was refreshingly tangy and tart with a light kick. Surprisingly multidimensional, the authentic salad consisted of shredded papaya, green beans, carrots and peanuts.

The glass noodles with pork came out steaming, with bouncy and light noodles. With pork that was cooked well and components (egg and vegetables) meshed together nicely, this dish is a texturally fun home run.

An epitome of an aesthetic, the “I Love Curry” curry is true to its name. The dish came in an oceanic presentation, with a thick orange sauce base, an island of rice, shredded stacked carrots and a mixture of shrimp, chicken, peppers, apples, pineapples and lychee. Believe it or not, the heavenly sauce is deeper than the Mariana Trench and more complex than organic chemistry. It’s sweet and milky at first, then slowly simmers into a mild spice. The chicken is juicy and tender and the shrimp has the snap from being cooked well. The apples and pineapples work well with the sauce and the proteins. The fruit helped to refresh the palate and added nice juicy tartness.

The appetizers came in less than ten minutes and the entrees in twenty minutes. Great service. Also, they were able to cater each dish to the customer’s desired level of spiciness.

From the scenery to the service to that godly sauce, Thai Thai bistro does not disappoint,

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