Munchies with Marc 11.10.16


Deep in the middle of Schenectady, NY, where the heck could anyone find tasty and authentic Mexican food?

Not at Bombers.

A popular Capital Region hotspot, the alliterative Bomber’s Burrito Bar sports decent Americanized Mexican cuisine.

Don’t get me wrong. Bomber’s has decent food, but nothing that’s too memorable. Their titular burritos are good, but not great. My personal favorite, the Mateo, is a burrito with barbeque pork, mango pico and a tangy slaw. The unique combinations of flavor work well together. The chicken is usually cooked well, but often lacks driving flavor. The southern catfish is crispy and flaky, but the amount of fish is so small, so you’re left wanting for more. The proteins aside, the other parts of the burrito are often lacking. Tasting and feeling like it has been left out for too long, the rice could use some work. The beans are standard.

The warm tortilla is very, very, very soft and this changes the texture of the burrito as a whole. The delicate tortilla with the soft proteins, beans and stale rice leave the burrito soft and texturally one-note. These burritos are so plush that they should be used as pillows.

The salsa is very chunky and relatively bland. The guacamole is what really frustrates me. It has that preserved, right-out-of-the-jar taste to it. The guacamole has the consistency of hummus and the flavor of sour avocados. Avoid the guacamole at all costs.

For a Mexican restaurant, the award-winning wings are very deserving of their title. Fresh as can be, the chefs probably have the chickens cockodoodle-doo-ing until right after you order. Steaming hot and crispy, these wings come with a variety of sauces. Most of the side sauces compliment the wings well. The lemon pepper garlic is light, flavorful and not overwhelming. The chipotle mayo is dynamite and is a must-have with the wings.

At the end of the day, Bombers has some good options and some bad options. If you do ever find yourself ordering in from Bombers or at Bombers, get the wings and don’t get the guacamole.



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