The Standard


There are many more food options at Crossgates Mall than just cheap Chinese food and Wendy’s. Down the escalator, across from Ruby Tuesdays, is one place that sets a high “standard” for mall food.

The Standard dishes are upscale American fare in a 40s and 50s Hollywood-esque atmosphere. With spacious seating and jazz playing, one can’t help but feel relaxed and ready to eat.

Its classiness is rivaled by decadent food and service. With a menu that’s almost as long as the Bible, there is something for everyone. The constant attention from charming waitresses and waiters make the service superb.

The Standard starts you off with bread (that’s almost a reason to come here in and of itself). It’s airy on the inside and crunchy on the outside but it lacked an X-factor, so the bread did not stand out.

The appetizers all were incredibly enthralling. From the baked French onion soup with garlic croutons to the fried mac and cheese to edamame, the Standard can take you around the world and back before the entree is even served. One of my personal favorite appetizers, a must-have, is the buffalo chicken spring rolls. These spring rolls are what happens when the Super Bowl meets Chinese New Year. Fried golden brown, these egg roll wrappers are stuffed with creamy and spicy buffalo chicken. The final flavor is fantastic fusion.

In terms of entrees, the options are equally diverse. Serving pastas, chicken, steak, pork, burgers, sandwiches, seafood and salads, this place means business.

The dish that caught my eye was the French onion soup burger. This behemoth comes with sautéed onions, melted provolone and mozzarella and garlic aioli. It was a good burger, but the French onion soup aspect did not come through.

It tasted like a good burger with onions. It was also a rather soft burger, and would benefit with some kind of textural diversity so the burger can bite back a little bit.

The fries were dynamite. Crispy, crunchy and golden brown, the fries were skinny and finger sized, and worked harmoniously with the burger.

The parmesan crusted chicken was almost as tasty as it sounds. With twin chicken breasts crusted in a parmesan romano cheese crust, the dish came with angel hair pasta tossed in a light tomato cream sauce. Coming off a little oily, the chicken was good but not great. The pasta was cooked well, but the sauce had a fake-ness to it.

After a long day of shopping, what better way to finish then eating a grand meal at the Standard. With bombshells like the buffalo chicken spring rolls and decent eats like the burger and chicken, it’s hit or miss.



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