Student of the week: Rachael Powers ’17

Courtesy of Rachael Powers
Courtesy of Rachael Powers

Class Year: 2017
Major: Psychology and Spanish Double Major; classics minor
Groups: Student Conduct Committee, SI Leader, Alpha Delta Lambda, Union College Panhellenic Executive Board, Springfest Committee, Concert Club, Catholic Student Association, Union College Choral

Q: How did you first get involved in student leadership on campus?

A: I was nominated by an older ADL sister to become one of the Co-Philanthropy Chairs my first term as a sister.

It was something I never would have volunteered to do or thought I was capable of doing.

Having someone who I looked up to, see my ability, nominate and support me began this chain reaction of leadership positions I would take throughout my Union College Career.


Q: What makes ADL unique?

A: ADL is a local, philanthropic sorority. We aim to do some sort of philanthropic event every week.

We know that we are small, but we realize that even small acts can truly make a difference.

We still bond as sisters and as friends through different activities, but our main bond is over our love of doing good and helping others.


Q: What are some of the recent successes of ADL?

A: For John Calvin Toll Day almost every sister went together to the Albany Regional Food Bank to sort 20 palettes worth of boxes of foods and other items for three hours.

We have also gone several times to the local City Mission, to sort donated clothes and to pack the weekend lunch bags with KA that go to roughly a 1,000 kids every weekend.

As of last year we have begun co-sponsoring the Kenney Center’s Random Acts of Kindness Week.

We are present at every event that week to help support the idea of kindness to everyone.

Our most successful philanthropy event in the past year was our Lip Sync Battle: Battle of the Greeks.

We had six teams from six different Greek organizations that competed.

It raised a lot of money for an organization called “Save a Child’s Heart” and helped create a sense of community between Greek organizations.


Q: What are some of the challenges you face as a student leader?

A: As a leader you sometimes have to deal with problems and uncomfortable situations.

Sometimes it would be a lot easier to not confront problems or push things to the side and hope that everything works it self out.

Unfortunately, that’s not what generally happens. As a leader it’s your responsibility to help solve issues, preferably earlier rather than later.

Sometimes that puts you at odds with others.

But in the end the important thing is that you all want the same thing, to do everything to the best of your abilities.


Q: How do you see ADL as benefitting the campus community?

A: The campus community benefits from having ADL because we are this unique, local, philanthropic sorority.

We focus on helping others, within the campus community and outside of it. We look to have events that will help involve and benefit the campus.


Q: How has actively being involved in leadership positions affected your experience?

A: Being in leadership positions teaches you important skills, such as the importance of listening to those around you and owning up to your mistakes.

Taking responsibility for your actions are important and your actions, both positively and negatively, affects the group as a whole.


Q: If you could offer any advice to first-years looking to get involved, what would it be?

A: If something on campus, any club or activity, seems interesting, try it and get involved.

You’ll quickly get a feel for if you like it or not and make friends with similar interests along the way.


Q: What is your favorite thing about Union?

A: I really like the small class sizes, which helps you connect with professors and the class material.
Q: Where is your favorite place to eat off-campus?

A: Perrecca’s.


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