Student of the week: Devlin Daley ’19

Courtesy of Devlin Daley
Courtesy of Devlin Daley

Class Year: 2019
Major: Psychology
Groups: U-Program, RA in Davidson, Member of Student Council Committee, Women’s Union member

Q:How did you first get involved in student leadership on campus?
A: I got involved in student leadership by reading “Off the Stall” my first-year of college in West.

I saw in small print on the bottom of the poster that U-Program was looking for new members and its goal was focused on planning campus events.

I immediately went to my computer and looked at the application. I applied as the PR chair for the program and later on that week, I was invited to join the board.

Q: What are some of the recent successes of U-Program?
A: U-Program recently selected their six new members which is a huge success for our board and for planning for next term’s events.

Also, we recently went to SpareTime entertainment for bowling, laser tag and an arcade. We brought 65 people to this event in Clifton Park, and offered the chance for students to get off campus.

Q: What are some of the challenges you face when planning events?
A: We face many challenges when planning events including working with difficult vendors, finding the products we are looking for in time for the event, as well as coming up with ideas during our re-treat.

One of the hardest parts for me is when I reach a bump in my event planning and have to change something around.

I watch my event shift from my vision and goal into something completely different. It is hard to do this when you imagine an event that would be “perfect” and then have it altered.

Q: What has been your favorite U-Program event?
A: My favorite U-Program event is the wild animal show we had last fall. We brought exotic animals to campus, such as a black panther, an alligator, and many other creatures.

It was not only amazing to learn about where the animals lived and what their nature of living was, but also be able to see them fight in front of you. Although it was frightening at times, it was also thrilling knowing that an animal could run away at any time.

Q: How do you see U-Program events as benefitting the campus community?
A: U-Program is an outlet for students to engage in an activity they normally wouldn’t while on campus.

We try to bring active activities like laser tag or rollerblading, as well as creative activities, such as paint night and de-stressing events.

We provide alternative transportation to those who want to venture off campus, but may not have a car.

U-Program gives Union students a chance to meet new people and engage in a crowd they normally might not hang out with everyday.

It definitely works to bring the campus together as well as provide a little competition between friends.

Q: How has actively being involved in leadership positions affected your experience?
A: Being selected as PR chair and now stepping into the co-president role allows me to fully experience every event.

Along with the event planner,   I am able to see the formation of the idea, from its beginning steps, to the bumps along the way, and lastly, to the final product.

It is incredibly rewarding to watch the event planner put lots of time and energy into planning that event, all while smiling and glowing as his/her event begins.

I am honestly amazed at the events that we put on and the teamwork put in by every member of our board

Q: If you could offer any advice to first-years looking to get involved, what would it be?
A: Volunteer! We are always looking for help to set up and clean up, but also to provide feedback on what they liked and didn’t like.

l recommend having the experience of coming to the event before and seeing how everything is set up and what we do to put the final touches on every event.

Also, feel free to send me an email ( or Cassandra Padilla ’17   ( to find out more information about what joining our board would mean and how to get started!

Q: What is your favorite thing about Union?
A: My favorite thing about Union is Matt Milless. Duh.

Q: Where is your favorite place to eat off-campus?
A: My favorite place to eat off-campus is Luca’s. Although it is just barely off of campus. It has the most delicious tomato-mozzarella salad and the best chicken tenders you will ever have!



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