Still roaring with powerful flavors and huge portions, Luca’s continues to shine with exceptional modern American cuisine.

This week Marc Perlman ’19, resident food critic, revisits Luca’s, located just on the outskirts of campus. Courtesy of Marc Perlman
This week Marc Perlman ’19, resident food critic, revisits Luca’s, located just on the outskirts of campus. Courtesy of Marc Perlman

The nachos are a phenomenal way to start off the meal. With homemade chips that bite back, these nachos are something else. The landslide of Monterey Jack and Cheddar offers unique textures and a surprisingly tangy cheese flavor. The real toppings on these nachos are the avalanche of ground beef, olives, tomatoes and onions. The flavors work so well together that each bite is a winner. Also, you can choose from chicken, pork, beef or veggie for this appetizer.

If nachos aren’t your thing, you might want to try the fried ravioli. These little treats are one inch by one inch breaded and fried pasta. The inside is filled to the brim with cheese. Dunk it in the homemade marinara sauce for an enhanced experience.

For those of you who enjoy a good salad, look no further. The salads at Luca’s are enormous and tasty. All of Luca’s salads are classics done right. Their Greek and Caesar salads, for example, are just what Greek and Caesar salads should be, with crunchy lettuce, pungent dressing and other assorted veggies. Get them as a side or throw some protein on them and call it in a main dish.

As you should know, the wings at Luca’s are some of the best in town. With almost a dozen flavors, it’s hard to get bored. While I admit that I haven’t had a chance to try all of the flavors, my personal favorites so far are the sweet and sour and the honey sriracha. The sweet and spicy kick of the honey sriracha is unparalleled.

Moreover, although the Thai peanut wings were tasty, they were rather dry and had me craving for a sauce. The salty blue cheese dressing which came with it only exacerbated the dryness. You should probably avoid the Thai peanut or ask for some different dipping sauce.

The pork-boy is one sandwich unique to Luca’s that you just can’t find anything like it anywhere else. This messy monster of a specialty sandwich has buckets of homemade barbecue pulled pork topped with coleslaw and onion rings. The pork was cooked and marinated excellently and the coleslaw contrasted well. The onion rings on their own are killer and provide much needed texture. I just wish they added onion rings to their menu a la carte.

The true skill of a chef is often based on how well they can execute vegetarian dishes, not meat-based dishes, because for vegetarian dishes, there is no meat-based crutch to work around. Luca’s meets and exceeds this expectation, as seen through the veggie quesadilla. The crunchy vegetables like broccoli and onion mix well with the assortive vegetables like green peppers and olives. It combines to make a mouthwatering dish that will make you forget that you’re not eating meat. Well done, Luca’s. Well done.

With quick service and attentive staff, you’ll never have to wait too long for their impeccable eats.

You should check Luca’s out, since the value is there, the flavors are there and a good time is there.


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