Album review: ‘Day Breaks’


In her sixth album “Day Breaks,” Norah Jones goes back to her roots. Not since her debut album “Come Away With Me” (released in 2002) has she dedicated an entire project to purely jazz, but her long-awaited return features a more matured and masterful approach, proving her talent not only as a singer-songwriter, but as a true musician.

Jones teams up with renowned jazz artists Brian Blade (drums), Lonnie Smith (organ) and Wayne Shorter (saxophone) to create a mellow and relaxing sound, getting away from her guitar-driven/pop records of the last decade. If you’re looking for a “Don’t Know Why” or “Come Away With Me,” you’ll be a bit disappointed, however, despite the lack of potential hits there is a clear improvement in Jones’ ability as an artist. Most of her fan-base are not diehard jazz fans: they like Norah Jones, not jazz.

As a result, this album may not live up to the high expectations set by her debut album. In “Day Breaks,” Jones stays true to herself and true to her roots, rather than trying to create a commercial hit. The result is a collection of stripped-down tracks that highlight her beautiful voice and amazing piano, which blend perfectly to create a relaxing sound that can be enjoyed by anyone.


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