Album Review: “Chapter and Verse”


Released alongside his new autobiography “Born to Run,” “Chapter and Verse” is Bruce Springsteen’s accompanying anthology album – a timeline of the career that inspired millions, with his romanticized but honest depictions of blue-collar American life.

No artist has ever blended Americana and rock ’n roll like the Boss— from the blaring saxophone and electric solos on his 1975 “Born to Run” to the soft acoustic guitar and howling harmonica on Nebraska. This album has all of it, in chronological order, highlighting Springsteen’s evolution as an artist and as a musical icon.

This 18 track collection has songs from every era and every album, most notably an acoustic version of “Growin’ Up” and the classics “Born to Run” and “The River.”

Also included are five previously unreleased songs, including two from a sixteen year-old Springsteen while a member of The Castiles. Even more impressive is “The Ballad of Jesse James” which was written by Bruce in his early twenties, with lyrics and a chorus that transcend beyond his years.

His incredible talent only improved over the years, as he matured and mastered his craft: powerful music with lyrics like poetry. “Chapter and Verse” is a collection of both deep cuts and the classics, and caters not only to fans of Bruce, but fans of music.


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