WRUC Fest brings local jams


On Saturday, May 14, Union’s own radio station held its first annual WRUC Fest.

The “First Station in the Nation,” brought in 5 bands from Union and the Capital Region for hours of music across many genres.

After the threat of rain pushed the event from its location on Rugby Field to the Fieldhouse, the first band, Union’s own 8th Wonder, kicked off at about 11:20 a.m. in their debut performance.

Bassist, Nate Sears ‘18 commented “It was a great debut gig for our band, we thought it went really well. We had a really good time playing together and we enjoyed listening to the other bands.”

They opened for Stockade Kids, who impressed with their energy and exceedingly talented musicians, blending hip-hop and jam for a very well received set. They found a lot of interest from the audience in talking to them between songs, leading up to one of their members repeatedly telling the crowd “If you don’t love yourself, no one else is gonna love you.” This continued right into a cover of Kendrick Lamar’s “i”, getting the crowd up on their feet after most of them spent Stockade Kid’s set relaxing on the floor.

Then, Dionysia took the stage, also featuring many Union students, in a continued showcase of the student body’s musical talent.

The Field House also featured food and an inflatable obstacle course as the event continued into it’s fourth act, Prince Daddy and the Hyena. Their loud sound and indifferent attitude have made them into a favorite of many on campus and this was their third performance at Union this academic year, all in events sponsored by WRUC.

Airwav finished off the event with the strongest performance of the day, getting the students on their feet and ending the event on a high note.

WRUC expressed happiness with the event and their plans to continue having their own music festival to complement Springfest.

“I was pleased that it all came together,” said Kate Maximov ‘17, the WRUC Station Manager. “None of us had planned anything this big before.”

When asked if it is going to happen again, the answer was a definitive yes.

“It’s definitely going to happen next year. We know where we went wrong so we know what needs to be changed,” said Maximov. Union can look forward to another Spring term tradition having begun this past Saturday with WRUC hoping the event will only grow in size in the coming years.


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