U-Program satisfies your sweet tooth


On Saturday April 23, eager chocolate lovers piled into Old Chapel to find all of their chocolaty dreams awaiting them.

From a milkshake station, to chocolate fondue, it was as if Union suddenly turned into a world only suited for Willy Wonka, minus the extravagant decorations.

The first table to the right was a “make-your-own candy bag” station. There were M&M’s, Peanut Butter M&M’s, an array of nuts, pretzels and Brookside Chocolate Covered Pomegranates and Acai & Blueberries. Most of the candy was gone before the first hour.

Next up was a “which chocolate is your favorite” station. Each person was given a bead and asked to try all the chocolates on the table, then voted for their favorite, and whichever chocolate won will be fully stocked at the next UProgram event. Out of the many chocolates represented, the more popular contestants were Cadbury Milk, Cadbury Dark, Ferrero Rocher, and a multitude of Dove chocolates, just to name a few.

For station number three, there was a big comfy couch set up and a bunch of chairs so the chocolate consumers can sit back, relax, and enjoy a movie that speaks to us all on a personal level: the 2005 re-make of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Many students used this station to their advantage by enjoying their chocolaty treats while watching the movie.

After that they had the colorful chocolate bowls. Each person picked a “bowl”, it was really a silicon cupcake container, and filled it with different colored melted chocolate. After awhile, the chocolate would harden, and you have your very own rainbow chocolate cup.

The fifth station is the fondue. There were pineapple chunks, cut strawberries, pretzel sticks and cookies. Although we were only allowed to have 2 sliced strawberries per person, the station was still a hit!

The final station, and probably the most popular, was the milkshake station. There were vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavored milkshakes. The line was just about to start wrapping around the room.

The U-Program holds different most weekends. For those of you who don’t know what the UProgram is, it is a program that gives students an alternative to partying.

“We show people that there is another social scene on campus. An alternative to partying” says Cassandra Padilla ’17.

When asked why the U-Program is successful, Adam Berrada ’19 states, “I think the U-Program is successful because people can still mingle and meet people without needing to go out and party.” He added by saying, “I am happy to see the different circles of friends come week in and week out.”

Now you may be asking yourself, “Why has there never been a food-oriented event before?”

Well, Emily Su ’17 says, “We usually stay away from food because we want interactive events so people can interact with each other, but it seems to be working out with the different stations and the movie.”

This UProgram event had a great turnout this week and everyone should go to the next one. Remember, there will be more free chocolate! The next U-Program event May 6 and is entitled “Field Day.”

The event will include arcade games, a taco bar, candy, and other fun activities for students to do. The exact time and place have yet to be determined by will son be finalized and sent out to the campus community.



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