Luca’s Restaurant


There it was. Bigger and bolder than I ever imagined. The Stuffer stared back at me as my mouth watered and I took my first wholesome bite. Immediately, molten cheddar oozed out of the patty like magma out of a volcano. I then knew that Luca’s Grill meant business.

Luca’s Grill is a hidden gem situated right outside AD house on Nott Street, offering fierce flavors and warm service. Luca’s offers a broad variety of classic comfort food in sizable portions that will make any Union student holler for joy.

It would be a crime to go to Luca’s and not get the wings. A satisfying blend between a wing and a tender, the boneless wings at Luca’s are truly a gift from above. Any quality wing requires some sort of sauce to dress it up. Luca’s doesn’t just boast the classic spice spectrum of mild, medium, or hot. The adventurous student may choose to order PB&J wings, while someone looking for a delightful blend of sweet and spice may order my personal favorite, the Honey Sriracha.

Luca’s is more than just a hub for wings. The grill is home to the heavyweight burger: the Stuffer. The Stuffer is exactly what it sounds like and more. The classic Stuffer comes with cheddar cheese on the inside, but one may request any toppings to be placed inside his or her burger, from mushrooms to bacon to grilled onions. Charred into the top bun of the burger is Luca’s name and logo, and this little gesture goes a long way in boosting the presentation. Let me be clear, the Stuffer pack’s a flavorful and aesthetic punch.

Into quesadillas? Look no further. Luca’s quesadillas are top-notch. For $10, you can get a mountain of cheesy quesadillas filled with chicken, beef, lamb, or the works. The quesadillas have a unique blend of heartiness with a quiet crunch that produces a textural menagerie that would please even the most refined palate. However, beware that the sheer quantity of quesadillas often leaves the mouth tired and wanting for a side dish.

No guilty pleasure meal would be complete without the proper side dish: garlic parmesan fries. Fried to perfection, then tossed in salty and nutty Parmesan goodness, and finally kissed with finely chopped garlic, these fries are a delicacy.      When you pick up a fry and put it in your mouth, the first thing that hits you is the crunch. Then, the deep, hearty potato pops out, followed by the salty, cheesy Parmesan. And finally an undertone of garlic brings it altogether to make your taste buds dance.

When entering the restaurant, customers are greeted by Tina, the living embodiment of hospitality. As the hostess and waitress, she serves all of the customers with a sincere and loving demeanor that leaves you smiling. The high-top chairs and elevated tables compliment the dimly lit and intimate ambience, making it the perfect place to bring a date.

If Nott Street is too far for you to walk, then have no fear. Luca’s delivers. The one bad thing about Luca’s is that it’s not open on Sunday’s, so make sure to get your fix Monday through Saturday.

Strong flavors, big portions, and good feelings are only one street away. As much as I would like to keep Luca’s all to myself, eating wing after succulent wing, I highly encourage anyone looking for a filling and exquisite munch or meal to go to Luca’s Grill.


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