Some tips and tricks to ace finals this term

(J.T. Kim | Concordiensis)

It’s that time in the trimester when studying for finals becomes a major part of our daily routine.

Study tips are often overlooked by students because they either have used the same strategy consistently and it has worked thus far or their study habits are last minute and there is no time to do any true studying.

This article is a compilation of tips gathered by students, faculty and professors to give you some ideas on what you can do in order for you to get the best results from your finals week.

The first big tip was shared by several upperclassmen students who advised to become very conservative with your declining before the time of finals week.

Many people may not have time to go to West Dining Hall or Upper Class Dining Hall so the declining hotspots like Starbucks, Skeller and Dutch Hollow will serve as very useful substitutes.

Many dining service options that accept declining are usually quick and easy to grab and go.

So if you found that great studying area somewhere on campus you can easily take that meal back with you.

Secondly, begin to form an organized schedule of everything you need to get done before finals.

If you have to go to meetings or events during or around the time before finals try your best to schedule them towards the beginning or end of the day.

That way you get everything that doesn’t deal with your final exams out of the way and you can focus on getting your studying done in a much more succinct manner.

Thirdly, be sure to find that amazing spot that makes you feel at peace when trying to study for your final exams.

The weather during the end of winter term may be temperate enough for students to go out and find a spot amongst the natural scenes on Union’s campus.

The green on West Beach or on the lawns that are in front of the Nott Memorial serve as a perfect spot for studying.

A low-key spot that many students tend to overlook are the porches of some of the larger buildings on campus.

Grant Hall, the building that houses the Office of Admissions, Breazzano House and Golub House have wide porches with chairs and furniture available for any to relax or study on.

Other common study spots that are indoors may include Wold Center or Schaffer Library, which is probably the most popular spot for students because of the quite environment.

Lastly, if you’re one of the lucky students who absolutely have no finals to worry about whatsoever then you are in the same category as Josh Julian ’19. Julian was asked to give advice about people in his predicament and he stated, “Life is gonna be a lot less stressful so be thankful for it – ‘cause next term it might probably get a lot worse or you.”

So if you’re one of those lucky few, enjoy your spring break!


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