Touchdown for Minervas with successful Super Bowl events


So many people are wondering what the Minerva Program can actually do to benefit the student body rather than coming up with corny themed mixers or events that seem to try too hard to compete with the other prominent parts of social life at Union.

An exception to that general notion, according to the involvement of the students themselves, is the Minerva Program’s Super Bowl events.

Watching the game with friends is exactly what you can do at Minervas and they are providing this benefit might as well use it to your advantage.

It’s true that these events are generally filled with various types of foods and plenty of comfy couches in each Minerva’s common room, so there isn’t much room to complain.

As I sat with my friends at a round table at West cafeteria on Sunday morning, discussing our weekend, we were trying to figure out how to prepare for Sunday’s Super Bowl game between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.

Food is definitely the major component of this treasured American pastime and our group made sure that the task of finding a great food spread for the game would be a success.

We first took a drive to Wal-Mart and purchased general items like crackers, cheese and soda.

It was nothing incredibly lavish, we were completely fine with it, as we are indebted private liberal arts college students.

During the car ride back to campus, some unexplainable reason led me to check my 922 unread emails, of course I was not behind the wheel during this time. I found an email sent by Dean Thomas McEvoy outlining the Minerva events for the weekend.

When I read through that email’s contents it felt as though our prayers, or at least mine, had been answered. Chinese Food at Sorum House, Pizza at Green House and many more.

After we got back on campus we planned to visit the Minervas near Davidson House and would enjoy whatever they had to offer.

Our first stop was Messa House, right across the path from the Richmond dormitories. A huge supply of pizza bites and endless amounts of chips were always a great starter.

Cans of beer were even being passed out at Messa but that was advertised for students 21 years or older.

Josh Julian ’19 commented, “This is sick of my Minerva to be doing this.”

During our time at Messa, we went right next door to Wold House and grabbed some wings they bought from Bomber’s Burrito Bar.

Matt Baumgartner’ 95 would certainly be happy with that choice. We obviously packed some wings to go.

Afterwards, we went straight to Sorum House and raided the Chinese food that the Sorum Council ordered.

Sorum’s common room was packed with spectators wanting to watch the game while enjoying Chinese takeout in true Union fashion.

We took a tray of fried rice to go. And last we went to Green House, located across from Davidson Hall.

At Green House they were serving large buffalo chicken wings and several boxes of pizza.

We were welcomed by Green’s charismatic house manager John Perotti ’17 who oversaw the event and made sure no one abused the free food that was being offered.

John remarked on Green’s Super Bowl viewing party, “It’s a great event because anyone is welcome — Pretty much epitomizes the point of Minervas.”

We took a box of pizza and some more wings to go from Green. I’m sure John didn’t mind. As we left Brandon Dempsey ’19 remarked, “I’m going to more Minerva events now.”

After our Minerva scavenging ended, we went back to my friend’s suite in Davidson and watched as the Denver Broncos went on to win the Super Bowl in a 24-10 game, with plenty of food to keep us comfortable throughout all four quarters.

The Minervas are there to help institute a healthier student community on campus.

And despite the fact that the food itself wasn’t the healthiest meal choice, the Minervas did well in incentivizing people to take advantage of the programs they host on a weekly basis.

Correction, 2/21/16: An earlier version of this article misidentified the teams that played in the Super Bowl. The teams are the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.


  1. I remember South College Dorm from the mid 70’s across from the then brand new Fox and Davidson dorms . Is it still there . David Manning ’78.

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